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by oreo
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Heartbreak, me describing my heart as if it's made of glass.
Now pick up the shattered pieces
that lie across the floor.
Pick them up.
You will probably tell me
You never meant to hurt me,
you didn't want me to cry.
Well it's too late.
My tears have fallen.
I don't want anyone
to catch my tears.
Let the fall.
Let my pain go
Let me see
that I'm still alive
because my heart is gone.
I no longer feel a pulse.
I can't breathe.
Too many tears are
Let me know that
my body can still function
with my heart
all around you.
Give me back the pieces
I'll fix it myself.
How can I expect
who tore my heart
fix it once more.
give me my pieces
and I'll put it back together
one by one
by myself.
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