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Heartache.. Dedicated to those who know what love means, truly.
Everyone has ups and downs,
Everyone has rights and wrongs,
Everyone has feelings..
And Every feeling has a reason..
Every reason belongs to a story..
Every story causes you pain and happiness..
Everyone has many friends in happy times..
You know why I send this msg;
When everything turns upside down in my world,
When it feels so hard to breathe or say a word,
When all my friends leave me one by one,
When I am all alone hurt by my feelings
I just want you on my side..
Don’t turn your back and forget me..

I need you to be a reason to hold on,

I need you to be a Friend..

I need you to be a Family..

I need you to be a Love..

I need you to be a hand to make me stand when I fall..

I need you to be a breath when I drawn..

I need you to be a smile when my eyes are with tears..

I need you to be a way when I am lost..

Whatever the reason is
Be there for me please
Just because;

I need YOU..

P.S: I have written this poem on 12.11.2006 it was actually a sms.. on one of those nights of heartache. It has been more than two years, but i can still feel the pain as if it was just yesterday.. However i can smile now, and dedicate this poem to those who know the feeling of Love, and who have felt it in their hearts, in their veins, truly.

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