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A poem I have written for my dearest mother.

I wondered,
If I could describe the love,
Express the feeling,
The feeling of having you mom.

No words were strong enough,
Not strong enough to say,
How much pain you stand,
To hold us together.

No words were caring enough,
Not caring enough to say,
How you sacrificed your joy,
Each and every passing day

No words were beautiful enough,
Not beautiful enough to say,
The worry and love,
That lie in your teal eyes.

No words were warm enough,
Not warm enough to say,
The feeling of having your arms around me,
The feeling of being home, warm and safe.

No words were forgiving enough,
Not forgiving enough to say,
The patience you hold in your hands,
Everytime I break your heart and regret.

No words were kind enough,
Not kind enough to say,
How much you always give
Without expecting any intake.

No words were loyal enough,
Not loyal enough to say,
The relief and trust of relying on you,
You being unconditionally there.

No words were good enough,
Not good enough to say,
How you advise and teach,
Everytime i lose my way.

No words were sad enough,
Not sad enough to say,
The agony, the sharp feeling of missing,
And how lonely I'd be, if I didn't have you here with me.

So I decided,
I decided not to describe,
Just because no words were enough,
Not loving enough to say how much I love you mom.

(a.k.a Rose)


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