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by Ritz
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A heartbreaking poem for lovers who met with a sad end!
In my dreams, it’s you and me alone,
Standing in the warm summer rain,
Our eyes fixed on each others,
Speaking a language of their own,
The crimson sun sets in the distant horizon,
Pale shadows creating flickering images,
As we walk, hand in hand,
Along the road which leads to somewhere in time,
Presently we confront reality, and your hand slips out of mine.
Leaving me alone you walk away,
As, standing in the rain, I realize
You don’t belong to me anymore,
But my love for you is so real.
Engulfed by the vacuum you’ve left behind, I realize,
You don’t belong to me anymore.

Sitting in the corner of my dark room,
I sit back and contemplate –
My mind wandering a thousand places,
My body still trapped within the harsh winds of reality.
My mind wanting to remain in the past,
My body still enclosed in the present,
Hot tears running down my face, I sit back and think of
That first day when we met, both of us shy and apprehensive,
Those early days, when the very sound of your voice,
Would send tremors down my spine,
That radiant smile you flashed at me,
Which I valued more than anything else,
It seems like an elusive dream,
So close, yet so far.
So near, yet just out of my grasp
Maybe it was meant to be this way,
And here I am shrouded in the cold darkness,
With not a speck of warmth to light up my soul,
I have all those many memories, etched within me, my love,
All that’s missing, is you.
As I realize you do not belong to me anymore.

I remember as we sped along the narrow road,
In our world where nothing could go wrong,
I did not notice the sharp bend up ahead,
And before I knew it, the car fell into infinity.
Bloodstained and wounded, I saw you lying on the sand,
Peaceful and innocent as ever, with a little rivulet of blood
Running down your forehead.
I rushed to you only to realize that you had left me and gone.
The waves crashed against the cliffs proclaiming their presence,
Almost as if to pull you away into their depths.
As I gazed at you, crying and pleading,
Hoping by a miracle that you would open you eyes,
And things would be the same again,
I hoped and I wished only to realize,
That you had left me all alone in this cruel world.
Before my eyes, all those moments, all those memories,
Flickered like the dying flames of a candle in the wind.
I was all alone, without you,
And I realized, you didn’t belong to me anymore

Did it have to be this way, my love?
Was it meant to end this way?
Why did you have to walk away, why?
Didn’t you know how much I’ll miss you?
Together, we could have recreated all those times, I promise you.
However, one thing I know,
No matter where I go, what I do, you are always with me.
Your love will always shine down on me,
As we will reside in each other’s hearts forever,
And, my love, at the end of the long road,
You will always find me waiting,
Daring to defy reality,
Daring to stand up against the walls of time,
Waiting for you, with all my love.

And in my dreams it will be just you and me,
Like before, all alone in the land of unknown,
Holding hands, we run towards light,
We run together, breaking the darkness,
We run forever as the soft summer rain falls.

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