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A young child learns early to not fight the system.
The first year of school can be very terrifying for a young child. No Mommy. No Daddy. No big brother or sister to stand up for you, explaining things to you. You’re on your own.

I am an only child, so the first thing I remember having to adjust to, was all the other people around me all the time. I was used to spending a lot of my time alone, entertaining myself and doing my own thing.

One day we were given the task of making a flag; a Union Jack for the Queen’s Birthday. The teacher showed us the flag, gave us the directions and sent us off to work.

I finished my flag and proudly hung it up on the board with the rest of the flags. Back at my desk, I noticed that “my flag” was causing a lot of attention and giggling.

Finally, the teacher went over to the board. She took my flag down and came over to my desk.

“You’ve made a square flag, Rochelle” she told me.” Remember I showed you that flags are rectangles”

“But I like my flag.” I said to the teacher. “No”. I was told. I must make a new one.

Not understanding or agreeing I made a new flag. Even at a young age I was learning there was no point in trying to flight the system.

But I kept my square “Union Jack” flag. I took it home and hung it up on the fridge at home.
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