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How far would you go for money? How far would you go for dignity and honor?
Everybody on the ship could work, or not work but they all shared in the catch.
I cant believe I bought into this Anthony thought. Why in the hell would they make a rule that you dont have to work? Some of us need the money damn it!

A long time ago a buddy named Rob on a fishing vessal Anthony worked on told him he was going to invest in a team trawler idea some rich guys had come up with.
He said it would make everyone rich that worked on the trawler becaue no one man had to make all the payments for the huge ship but everyone was a owner and shared directly in the profits. He said working for one owner only made that one owner rich in catch money but not in profit because of the million dollar investment in such a huge vessal. Most could not pay it off in time to reap enough profit before the vessal was in need of a major dry dock overhaul. Which bankrupted most one owners of huge trawlers.
Only the big corporations could reap a profit thru the sale of the end product because they had the buyers also.
Anthony did not hear from his buddy for a couple years but had heard that he was getting rich from it.

One day he ran into his freind and worked up a deal to be cut in on the trawler and after negotiating a contract to join the team he moved his gear aboard and took his first ride.

They were catching yellow fin on a 20 day trip and all aboard were the same, owner and operator of a world class trawler shareing in the profit and cost thought Anthony and working too.
The first day out in tuna water Anthony was excited to get to work and start makeing the big bucks finally for the back breaking dangerous work.
Nets out dragging along nicely after hours of work he had a minute to take in a cig and a break.
He noticed some guys standing around doing nothing and asked another worker what the hell was up with that?
The other worker said "dont ask" and walked away with a disgusted look.

The toll rang an signalled all on the net and the back breaking work continued into the nite.
Anthony could hear people yelling orders with a get my damn money outa there slaves! You noobs get going your slacking! Get my money!!
Its was dark but it seemed to be from the guys standing around doing nothing! What the hell are you fools standing around for? he yelled at them Shut up an get to work noob they yelled. He could not stop working or sacifice a loss of fish, so he steamed with anger and yelled in the general direction of others working " whats this all about? I thought we all worked and shared in profit an cost?
Did you read the fine print? shouted a worker. What fine print? Anthony yelled back. The part that says work is optional and the catch is still divided equally! the worker yelled. There a bunch of damn freeloaders! he yelled What the f...!!! Anthony yelled at the top of his lungs, everyone chuckled at him, the workers with disgust in their laugh, the freeloaders with glee in their laugh.
After his shift he walked up to the wheel house, as he got there he thought he saw his buddy Rob leaving.
He talked to the captain who told him the same thing, actually working is optional, but you have to be aboard for the trip to get your share of that trip. Some fools take advantage of that! the captain explained. This shared vessal idea was thought up by a bunch fools that walk around yelling at workers to get busy! Well hell said Anthony, if they would work we would have twice the catch, there costing us big time! The captain explained that they have made 50 times there investment an are rich by now and they just dont care about new worker investors.
Too late now I guess Anthony thought and hit his birth for some much needed sleep. He drifted off hopeing they would head back to port in 20 days with a fat catch and the money would be worth the agrivation. It had to better than working for an owner on a much smaller trawler for less for the same amount of back breaking exhausting work.

Every day was like the last, about 20 guys working and 20 guys walking around yelling and practically crusifying the workers. Workers yelling back and a day long head ach of argument and insult hurling. The catch did look impressive Anthony thought as they eventually headed back.

Back in port workers set the catch to be hauled out weighed graded and payed. Head to our office at the end of the dock, get in line to be payed after we fishins off loading the catch and square the ships gear another worker told him.
So after 2 hours work Anthony and the other workers left the ship and headed down the dock. They noticed the 20 freeloaders standing in line at the office door. Look at the greedy shits said one worker, they didnt even help unload or ready the ship. Worst of all there first in line to get paid! As Anthoney walked closer to the office he saw Rob standing with the freeloaders. He thought well I didnt see him the whole trip whats he doing standng here, I though he missed this trip? Hey Rob he said as he approched him, did you ride this trip? Yeah Rob replied, I was ahhh down in the rec room most of the trip. Freeloading?? Anthony asked in anger. Look Anthony rob replied, if they dont make us work Iam not going to, theres no rule against it! Iam rich as hell and why should I bust my ass anymore? You, ll get there another freeloader said with a smile, but for the mean time work like ya got roid rage an make me my money!! Bunch of lossers said one of the workers, we ought to throw yall over board on the next trip! Hell ya, one worker said, shark food! said another. Dead eyed stares and more insults floated freely thru the air till a door opening turned everyone around and a wide eyed old man apparently the ships accountant beconed the first freeloader in line to come in. Silence prevailed and only grudging whispers amonst them selves could be heard. Off to the bars for me! and, 3 day bender! wrere whisperd an seemed to cheer everyone up, Anthony felt a grin on his face and remebered it was the first time he felt happy since he boarded the trawler.
His turn to enter an get his check came, he was releived to see a bigger check than he was used to when wotking for a private trawler.
He over heard his working freinds saying they would meet later that nite at the bar on main so he said I,ll see ya there and headed to his small house down the street while thinking about takeing a shower and a long nap.
While walking the 4 blocks home he wondered if 20 days of arguments was worth it all, an vowed to wait to sort it out after he had some rest.
After waking from a good 4 hour sleep Anthony noticed that he had awoke angry and really ticked off at the freeloaders and couldnt get it off his mind. How unfair he thought. I cant even think of a way to justify it! Three cups of coffe half a bag of cookies and a can of soup an hour later and he was still mad. The check was ok, but not that big he thought, but it could have been really nice if those fools would have helped out. At this rate it will take 10 years of hard saving to get as rich as those guys, and that trawler has only been operating a couple years. What a set up for that jerk Rob he thought. He is basically stealing from us workers. The wheels of his mind turned furiously for an answer and he thought wait a minute! What if everyone freeloaded? No rules against he thought in a shitty way Rob had boasted.
He grabbed is jacket an headed down to the bar looking for his buddies.

He walked into the large bar, now half filled with fisherman and locals all talking an laughing. The town lite up when a trawler team came in. Money flowed like the beer from the tapp for the town and fisherman alike.
He noticed the trawler captai with his hand flaling in the air as he told some wild story to some oler guys smiling in glee at him.
He grabbed a beer from the bar tender and pulled up a chair at the table with the other workers. Looked like most of them were in the bar already, they all had the same look of digust on there faces that they had on the trawler, but they looked ready to wash it away with along nite of drinking and forget the 20 day torture trip.
Anthony listened to their dis gruntled remarks we outa do this and we outa do that they mumbled half heartedly.
Has anyone ever thought that, the only way to beat the freeloaders , is to become a freeloader? he said at a moment of silence. What? be a lousey good for nothing freeloaders? Said one. You turning into a scum bag on us Anthoney? said another. Wait wait Anthony said, think about it, if the catch barley pays the trawlers bills and makes no one profit, wouldnt those guys get pissed off an work the next round? Shit! said said Ret an older worker with a left ear that looked like it was swollen all the time. Those lazy jerks over there are so rich right now, and so lazy they wouldnt bend over to pick up a $20. bill!! Again Anthony heard allot of moaning an swearing comng from the workers about Rets comment but none of them seemed interested in pursueing a organized conversation about what could be done about it.
He said look you guys, something has to work, you have all been doing this longer me, you have to have enough doe to carry you thru a couple trips dont ya? Its not that said Ret, do you know how many people are vested in that trawler? Theres 50 more freeloaders who just didnt take that trip!!! There all rich as hell and only ride now an then! Thank God they dont all get on at the same time! You have to be frecken kidding me! Anthony spued out fast. What happens is... Said Ret, if we try freeloading, like we tryed before, the next 3- 5 trips all the freeloaders come aboard for every trip and work. Then no one gets much at all! They can hold out longer than us, and eventually we all get back to work to get the biggest catch possible just so we can make our mortgages and finnaly get alot of em to not come back on board the next trip. We cant bankrupt them into working, but they know they can banckrupt us into working. Believe that shit?!! They all started this shared trawler idea 2 years ago and got rich fast off the rest of us that came along later. Well holy poop said Anthony, so its pull out or go along right? Yep said Ret taking a long swill off his mug of beer. Slidding the empy mug at Anthony Ret leant over in a motion of a whiper and said or get our own trawler an pull the same shit they did..., Get another will ya? Anthony stood up fast chugged what was left, nodded to all at the table to see who was ready for another, an walked a step and turned an said, lets talk about that! then headed to get another round. He noticed Rob and some other freeloaders leaning back in ease smilling at him from there table, he made eye contact with Rob who yelled, is ole Ret filling ya full of shit about getting your own workers trawler Andy? I hear that old bucket we used to work on is for sale! He looked back at his freeloader freind fast an thay all howled like a band jackles. One of the freeloaders looked over to the workers table an yelled, I know Freeto there has carpentry skills, that,ll come in handy when your 100 miles out and she springs leaks!!
You know about coming in handy!! Freeto yelled back at them. Anthonys anger jumped an he shouted,..Shut the fuck up Rob an you jack asses, 20 days of brainless arguments an watching you worthless skunks rip me off has me ready to free load kill you or blow the whole fricken trawaler up right now, can I just have one damn nite off from all the shit please!
We,ll leave ya alone noobs, but drink up an gets some rest we want you fresh an ready to go, the trawlers headen out in 3 days this Saturday. Starkist is begging! Hmm, thought Anthony cool money money moeny! The freeloaders an workers all let a little cheer out then grew quiet quickly.
The night grew long, no one left the bar till 3am but it was just a few of the locals, even the old captain was perfectly content to sit an chat away till the sun came up, getting drunk as hell an letting the long trip wash out with every swill of beer and good story told. The workers covered every possible scenario and dream an what if comments an plans they could think of to get there own trawler, but the money to jump start the inverstment put a stop an end to each one.
At times the freeloaders could over hear parts of the coversation an Anthony knew it and did not care, Rob would look over an shake his head as if to say, you, all will never pull it off, your stuck with this set up. But Anthony could see some mercy in Robs face, probably for the years we worked together Anthony thought. Anthony knew Rob was as bad off as he was back then. The window of the bar started to glow and everyone began to squint at the breaking dawn shinning thru.They all began to stagger to their feet , make there goodbyes and file out into the early morning air, slowly disapearing in differant directions.
Anthony was 2 blocks away an stopped to lite a cig, when he noticed Rob and one other freeloader still standing in front of the bar, they looked around a bit did not see Anthony, then headed back into the bar. Hmm he thought,they couldnt be that thirsty. He had to take a leak bad so he walked to his house fast and headed to his second floor bathroom where he knew he could see the bar from the small window. As he stood there releieving himself he saw Freeto coming out of the bar and heading around the corner fast. The Rob and his freind came out, walked to Robs car and drove off.
Well that little fuker Freeto, Anthony thought, he,s informing Rob of everything we talked about I,ll bet.
He seemed to take some long bathroom breaks on the trawler, man he was probably talking to Rob about anything us workers were talking about there too.
Anthony thought..Too drunk an tired to worry about it now, but I need to talk to Ret asap, tomorrow or later tonight. With that thought Anthony went to his bed , fell face first on it, closed his eyes and tried to kick his boots off with out moving more than his foot, one boot hit the wood floor with a clunk an thats all he remembered till he woke still face down in the exact same position he hit the bed in.
After some much needed food an vitamines he started to feel less hungover and decided to see if Ret was up and about.
He dialed his numer and Rets wife answered an yelled for Ret. Anthony hey whats up? He said. Ret how long have you know that Freeto guy? is he a good freind? Anthony asked. Well for the last 2 years, but I was on a trawler team on the south shore and would see him at the bars in town when both out teams landed at the same time, so he,s been at it a long while. Why? Anthony told Ret what he had seen that morning in front of the bar and what he suspected Freeto was doing.
Why that back stabbing Benidict Arnold! Ret said I did wonder why he was gone from the net so long sometimes, and it was always after we talked mutiny on the freeloader too. He always joled that he had to take a ten pound shit.
Lets spy on that little turd next round k? Yep, said Anthony, we can feed him some mis-information and see what he does with it. Good good Ret replied. They talked on a bit, and hit on getting there own trawler some day. Ret an Anthony both felt each others confidence and gained a new feeling of strenght and commitment towards the trawler idea.
Anthony liked Rets experiance and calmness Ret knew Anthony was the hardest trawler worker he had ever seen an knew he could lead any crew. Before they said good bye Ret said keep it between you an I Andy, the cuban an Freeto are freinds so lets not tip our hand till we know we can trust his ass too. Ive noticed cap dosent talk to either one of em if he dosent have too, so maybe he knows something we dont. Capt? really? Said Anthony, Yep replied Ret But he,s not going to get messed up with either side in this, he,s a short timer and I dont blame him. I understand Anthony replied. I, ll have a private convo with the old boy K,? said Ret.. Sounds good replied Anthony. Give me a call Friday morning Ret said, I want to meet with you and show you something and also go over a plan so we sound convincing. Will do Ret. said Anthony, talk you then.
That Friday they got together at Rets house and Ret showed Anthony his bank book. Ret had $200k in savings he said he would put towards a trawler investment,how much ya got? Ret asked Anthony . Wow Anthony replied, not that much, maybe $80k. How much do you owe on that house Ret asked, about $20k Anthony replied and it worth $120k, so I guess I could borrow $100k. on it. Yep, ya might not need to borrow that much, we wont be ready to make a move for a year at least, ya made the same as me on that last trip $18k an we could have done better even with just the small amount of workers we had, we generally average $24k each. Let me show you something else, Ret pulled a small black adress book
from off the top of his refridgartor. Here are the names of at least 30 trawler freinds Ive know over the years. I have talked to each about geting our own trawler and there all saving like me for it. A wide grin spead on Anthonys face, he could not force it off, Damn Ret, he looked at Ret with new found pride.. your a sneaky dog man! Ret noded and chuckled yep, those freeloaders bring a deep hate outa me. The self owned worker trawler idea was is a good one and they ruin it fort he workers with there selfish greed. Anthony can you imagin the runs we can make with 50 workers all pitching in?
Son... Ret said I didnt think i was taken a chance letting you in on this. The other workers on that trawler dont have what I saw in you eyes. Your a dedicated worker and an honest one.I can tell youhave what it takes to pull something like this off. those other guys would fall apart when things get tough and let me down. You and the fellas in this book are dependable hard workers I can trust thru thick and thin. Dont get me wrong, theres four or five em on that trawler we can depend on too, So we have enough people, just need about a year for us all to have the loot to pull it off safeley and soundly. Old capt told me he would jump ship with us if we can pull it off by start Next years season, but only if he got to see how sound we were. He,s got 4-5 years left in him an he,s as good as they come. We can train another guy with him if we can find a nav guy willing to sit in that wheel house amd not piss him off he said.
Suddenly Ret looked even bigger in Anthonys eyes, he had been playing some rope a dope with the freeloaders an workers. This guy was smart and a thinker Anthony thought. Man Ret I am in awe of you Anthony said.
Count on me for anything Ret, you have my total loyalty! Good man Andy! well get filty rich together!
Rets wife sat some beer mugs on the table an opened three bottle and poured a toast to there plans.
They covered some lines they would feed Freeto on the trawler and some sneaky ways to follow and spy on him to see what he does with them.
As they talked Anthonys mind raced with securty questions about the plan to buy there own trawler, one by one he checked them all off except for the total cost of a huge trawler. Ret he asked as they finished up there beers, Its a million right , we need to start? Yep, in fact 1.2 mil by next year. Ret replied. Does everyone on your list have the savings you have? Anthony asked. Nope, there fixed about the same as you Ret replied. Well I thought it was the bank loan thing that killed it eventually for the big trawlers. right? anthony asked curiously. Ret looked into Anthonys eyes very seiously for a second and said..Andy, I cant say right now how or.... who is going tip the scales for us, but dont worry we have a ace in the hole. Cap right? Anthony exclaimed. Well. no, he wants a contract not a split since he wants to retire an head to Florida in 4-5 years, remeber we still have to find a nav guy he can train to replace him. Capt dont want to splay out any cash and I cant blame him. The new Nav guy will have to come up with his cash in too. Ret informed Anthony enough about our mystery guy for now thou. Lets take ride to the dock, I want to see who is hanging around town, Starkist said they can take any an all loades anyone can bring in in the next month so we might have not only compitition, but even more damn freeloadeers might be rideing this round thinking there gonna pick up a fat check off our backs.

They left Rets house an Ret told Anthony he wanted to get his old truck out of the garagae and take it. He pulled a mint condition 68 chevy pickup around front where Anthony was waiting. Get in Andy he yelled at a stunned Anthony who was looking the truck over in surprise. Isnt this.?. Yep Ret snapped .. your pops old truck, I bought it off him three months before his last trip. Wow I didnt know you even knew each other said Anthony It was along time ago Andy.. Ret said, I put her in the garage and went to the south shore and had been there till I caught wind of of this trawler here, been back two years now and this old girl still has less than 10 miles Ive put on her, the rest of the millage is from when your pop owned her. I was like ten years old when pop bought this, God it look like it just rolled outa the show room Anthony said.
Ret drove towards town and Anthony regalled ret with stories of trip with his dad in the truck.. as they rolled up over the last hill near town Ret pulled off the road near some trees. reached into the glove box an pulled out some binoculars.
Anthony watched quietly as Ret peered down at the town. Looks like trouble he said as he continued to look. Hmm? Anthony hummed. Well theres that rat Freeto talking to Ned Tolbert, the king freeloader and main vein creator of this trawler clan.
He,s the big daddy war bucks of the group an he,s talken to a dirty turd which means Freeto has to be guilty of being our turn coat. Ned has never uttered a word to me other than an insult. But has ignored any comeback I yelled at him.
Oh damn he was right, theres are at least 7 maybe 10 more danm freeloaders in town by the looks of those new trucks parked near the trawler. Now Anthony heard Ret say "He was right" and wondered if he could trick Ret into say who "he" was? Who said that? Anthony said non chalantly, Ret lowered the binoculars an smiled at Anthony then raise them again with out saying a word, but giggled at Anthonys attempt. I want to break $24k with this trip Andy, but split 10 more ways is going to water it down below $24k a good amount, but the works going to increase! How in the fuck can we get some of those dill weeds to bail out on this trip? The chances of us getting another run in in the next 4 months is going to be slim if at all. I see the scow wagon leaving the dock so the trawlers loaded, we must be leaving at day break. Hmm Ret pondered. Anthony thought hard, well Ret said Anthony, some ploys to stall a couple of em myabe a few well placed emergeny messages for some others, hell, we can maybe buy one off with a grand, it means he will miss out a big pay check, but if we can find one who,s heart isnt really in this trip..., Nice Andy I like some of that. That dead beat Tom Hunaman is down there, I bet we can buy him beers all nite and he will snooze the till noon! ha ha, Yep, said Ret, that ones in the bag!
Do you know anyone in New York City? Yes I do in fact said Anthony. My aunt Mel lives in Manhatten Good said Ret, if we can get a long distance call originated fro NewYork maybe we can fake out Bert Steinman down there into maken a emergency rush home. Ya know I bet half those other dogs are swillen it up early so they csn hit the hay early, that means there gettin drun as skunks and will probably drive like lazy shits instead of walking the 6 blocks to Maurys for a steak. I bet Ol Bill wouldnt mind locken up a few drunks for dui? he he oh shit this is going to be to easy! He laughed. None of those shit bags knows your with the trawler team except for Freeto, lets see if we can get you into the bar with out him seeing you.
I,ll sneak over to the sherrifs office an let Bill know what we are cooking. Its 2 now, about 2 hrs from now they can get a steak at Maurys. You stand up and fake a call to Maurys saying out loaud. Man a steak would go great right now, anyone know where I can get one? One of em will say Maurys but I dont know if they serve yet, you get the number and fake the call and say Hey thanks, they said cmon down there open. If some of em get up to join ya tellem you,ll se em there, you just need to call the wife. Call me at this number its the sherrifs, and I,ll get ole Bill to round em up!

Ret drove in to town turning into an ally road an slowly pulling up behind the bar. Anthony got out walked around front and strolled into the bar while Freeto had his back turned talking to some other freeloaders a block away..
There sat what had to be three freeloaders with a table full of empty beer bottles. He sat at the bar an ordered a beer and a shot thinking he might be able to buy them some shots to hammer the dui home. He drank for a couple minutes an heard one of them comment on the weather. Anthony turned towrds them and said yep clear an sunny tomorrow the weather mans said. Good! said a black leather clad, fat rich looking one, we have a trawler pulling out tomoorow morning, I hate getting pissed on! Ha ah Anthony laughed, I guess nothings worse than a noreaster pulling in as your pulling out! You a netter? the freeloader asked. No My pop was 20 years ago, I .. paint houses. The bar tender eyed Anthony letting him know he knew he was up to somethig an would keep his mouth shut.
In fact said Anthony, I am so busy right now I might take the last half of the year off. Then he downed his shot an followed with a big gulp of his beer as the freeloaders whatched. Hay you guys want a shot? my treat! give em all a shot on me he told the bartender who quickly spinned the cap off and produced three shotglassesas fast as Anthony had ever see him move, the bar tender spilled the shot glasses full of whisky before the bottle cap stopped spinning on the bar! Umm sure they all said, The bar tender who never has before brought anyone there drink, pulled a tray out loaded it with the shots an delivered it to the freeloaders table. Thanks buddy one said cheers the other mumbled as each stared at their treats before they downed them. They all looked pretty drunk already and Anthony thought it wont take much to make sure there sloshed as hell. He was glad the bar tender was helping him for some reason, I guess he,s heard enough of these bull shit freeloaders over the years and can put two an two together Anthony thought. Well the self serving drunks never call Anthony over to join them, but did swill every shot he sent to there table without offering to buy him one. Time was near for the steak house to open and Anthony asked the bar tender if he served food, nope said the bartender, theres some pretzels behind the bar if you want he said. Well I am feeling like thick juicy steak, is there some where near I can get one? Anthony asked the room loudly. Heyyeah that doies sound good one of the freeloaders said. Isnt there a steak house down the road a but? whats it called? ? ?.. Maurys said the bar tender. Got there numebr Anthoys asked, yep its on the wall over the phone in hall there. antony walked back to the phone an called Maurys who said yes were are open and serving. They said head on down there ready to serve! anthony said loadly. Oh man Iam ready for a steak how about you guys one free loader said to the othe two. with that they all started to nod you good to go? one said yep they all agreed and left the bar with out giving anthony so much as a see ya there or good bye thanks for the drinks. As he went to call Ret at the sherrifs office he saw each one from the bar window getting ito there trucks. The phone made a half ring a a voice said Aherrifs office the is Bill. Its anthony, hang on a sec the sherrif said quickly, Rets voice hurridlt said are they headed to Murys? yes Anthomy replied. click the phone went dead as Anthony walked to the front doo he saw the sherrifs car fly by and sound of a sren a few seconds later. Oh shit he thought that worked lilke a charm! The sound of a horn startled him and it was Ret from the ally. I plowed em under by buying free shots! Anthony said as he climbed in. Ha ha good work, there cooked! Ret said grinning from ear to ear. Ret pulled back up the raod to the spot he had pulled off earlier, got out his binoculars an peered down at the town. After a couple of minutes he said see the sherrifs car Andy?
I see three heads in the back seat! Them boys in some trouble!! They both laughed untill tears came out of there eyes!
Thats three Ret said like a hunter who bagged tonights dinner. Lets get that turd Hunaman drunk as a skunk tonight and have your aunt leave a message for Mr Bert Steinman to come home his house is burning down! Yo know what? Anthony said.. the bar tender knew I was lieing to those guys and played right along with it. Really? Said Ret. Absolutly Anthony replied He didnt say a thing when I told em I was ahouse painter doing real weel, so I bought em some shots. In fact he hurried the shots to him so fast I almost laughed, never seen him move so fast! Well well well said Ret, lets head back to the house an give hima call. Tye rushed back to Rets house an called the bar and spoke with the bar tender. He said he had some 'More" customers kinda like he was talking in code so Ret figured more freeloaders where in the bar and the bar tender couldnt talk freely, so Ret asked him if he would do him a favor in a little while an pass a messge to someone in the bar tomight from a phone call he was going to set up. The bar tender said Yes sure thats no problem, Ret smiled and said thanks freind. and hey by the way I have $50. bucks as a tip for you if you make sure everyone in the bar tonights gets a drunk as fast as they possibly can swill it. I, will make sure that happens he replied. Great see you later tonight Ret said happily. Man this guy is going right along with us for some reason,. I told ya Anthony replied.
They told Rets wife how the snookered three of the freeloaders and she knew one of there names and said good he a real stinker. They explained all she had to do is call the bar with a message Ret would write for her, that the bar tender was in on it so it didnt need to be more than a reap of the message.
Ret went to his basement and came back up blowing the dust off what looked like a bottle of moon shine. Is that moon shine Ret ...Anthony asked. Yep sure is, as near as pure grain as it gets. If I slip this out a let Tom get ahold of it he will be in lala land till the next sunset! So will any one else with a good load of booze in em already... Ret replied. Like that monkey Freeto but at least he,s a hard worker even if he is a traitor we need him on the trawler. Get him outa the bar early if you can Andy, dont need him missen the trip.
Lets eat up so we can stomach a little booze tonight.

End chapter one.

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