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poem-escaping a bad relationship
Away From You
By Emily Feliciano

I walked through that forest a thousand times,
Never was I breathless before.
Never taken back by its beauty until now.
Maybe my eyes see differently;
Maybe you opened them for the first time.
Like a newborn vampire seeing things new-
All my senses sharpened .
I think I can breath deeper now.
My thoughts don’t overrun me anymore.
This forest and it’s grace.
Thank you for helping me discover it.
For the first time I see beauty;
Beauty you kept me from.
I am as I’m supposed to be.
Free to love, free to hate,
Free to believe in things that don’t exist,
Free to be who I want to be .
A bird up in that tree,
Looking down at me.
I wonder if she knows I want to be her?
What freedom she possesses.
But now I am free too;
You gave that to me-
Released me from your chains.
So in this forest I can see,
All that I am supposed to be.
Free to be who I want to be
And finally away from you.

-Emily Feliciano

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