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It's amazing what a beautiful sunrise can do for your day!
A Morning's Thought

By: Emily Feliciano

The sunrise is beautiful this morning.

The clouds are a red orange with a hint of purple.

As the sun begins to rise this morning, I see

the birds collecting breakfast and hear them singing praises to the sun.

And I am taking all of this beauty in and holding on to it.

                                I'll try to keep it with me today as the clouds change color

                                and the birds aren't so obvious.

                                When the sun's so high and bright, I can't look up at it anymore.

                                What peace I feel in my heart as this day begins;

                                and how I wish it would last.

When cars are passing by me in a hurry and the driver gives

me an ugly look.

When the cashier won't acknowledge my "hello" or my "goodbye"

and "have a nice day".

When my boss grills me for making a tiny mistake and won't accept

my apology.

And when my husband and kids complain about dinner instead of

saying "thank you".

                                After the day is finished harassing me and trying desperately to

                                break me down, I will search for this peace.

                                And while the sun begins to set and the clouds start turning

                                brilliant colors,

                                and the birds come about to collect dinner and fellowship,

                                I will find it. 

                                And I will take a deep breath and close my eyes,

                                and give thanks to the One who created such beauty.

It's that beauty that comes in the morning, before the hectic day begins

and it's the beauty that returns in the evening after life has dealt you cards.

Admire it.  Embrace it. 

Stand in the morning sun and close your eyes

before you go to work. 

Listen to the music all around. 

Take that with you wherever you go. 

                                And if one day you should awake and find that it's raining outside,

                                stand there, and let the rain hit your face.

                                Feel each drop, filled with the tears of heaven,

                                wash away all pain and sorrow.

                                There's beauty everywhere. 

                                It's all in how you look at it.

We create ugliness. 

Children see the beauty. 

They love the rain, snow and especially the sun.

We should be like children; admiring the earth and all it's many


                              And all this I think of this morning as the sun rises

                              and I know, deep in heart,

                              I'm going to have a great day!

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