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An evening talk on the telephone.
Ah, what a terrible scene Gertrude.

I can remember so well when the yard was fresh and new.

Now it’s so different.

Dogs are always walking around out there, shitting on everything I own.

Well, I suppose so.

The yard is old.

Old and full of shit.

How did i ever let the yard get this way.

Such a shame too, good thing i have life insurance.

I mean lawn insurance.

Those dam dogs, keep digging where they don’t need to be.

I’d hate to put a bullet between their precious little eyes.

You know what, I saw that on the television.

They have these dogs that can find anything, cancer, disease, even dead bodies.

Oh now, look at that.

Susie is coming to get her dog.

Such a lovely little negro child.

old bastard really liked her.

Had a touch of the Pe-do-philia.

But I cannot complain.

The land was fertile

Lord knows the fruits of the land were very great.

8 children.


None of which were legitimately mine.

Oh, dear.

Susie is starting to dig around that flower bed.

I always liked daisies.

But i was never allowed to have plants in the house.

but I have plants now.

I have em all over the place.

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