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by abby
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The worst two days I've ever experienced and how they began.
It all started on the morning of Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009. It was like any other morning around that time. Cold, about 30 degrees outside, and cloudy. Typical morning here in Illinois. I awoke at 6am, my usual waking time. On the way to school, I couldn't help but hope that this week would go by fast. Tuesdays are my least favorite days of the week and they always seem to go by so slowly. When I got to school, I met up with my friends and we headed off to class. As I was shivering during first period, I remember trying to imagine being somewhere warm to warm myself up. It didn't help much, and I wished I could go somewhere warm right then and there. Later that day, I pulled out my school planner. I made myself a nice little countdown until spring break when I could leave here and go to a warmer place and just sit in the sun. I remember thinking, "If only I were in, like, Florida right now". Be careful what you wish for. Later that day, I remember talking with my friend about when the best day to die was. I think we were kidding, but you'd be surprised how ironic things can turn out. We decided the best day to die would be on a Wednesday because at our school we get out early on Wednesdays and somehow we thought it would be the best day. Tired after a long day at school, I hurried to the bus and sat down.
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