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Bresis describes her perfect man
Briseis describes her perfect man

Pyrrhus: What kind of a man are you looking for?

A god I think.
But a good man will serve; with eyes for me alone.
One to wake me slowly in the morning and soothe my fretful nature.
A man playful in love, yet serious in responsibility.
A man of good humor, yet one who gives a house order and discipline.
Who will rule me fairly and the many “willful” children I bear.
A man with the arm to shield me, the softness to quiet to my fears,
And the resolve to make me mind.
Who at night listens patiently, if only with pretended interest,
As I talk about my day.
Who trusts me enough to share his own happiness and woe.
A man, who when all is said, yawns broadly,
And reaches out for my honest embrace.
A man to kiss me goodnight, turn down my lamp…
And send me blissfully to sleep
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