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Andromache gets ready for the worst
Andromache psychs up

So he has affection for me. I’m surprised.
For if it’s true he certainly keeps it well hidden.
And no one can hold me responsible!
Everyone knows I’ve done nothing to encourage him.
But does it really change anything?
No! It only explains why he’s been so slow in acting.
He must think that given time I’ll forget my sorrow
And in a new dawn, see him in a better light..
That my honor will evaporate, like a fickle dew,
That I ’ll flirt with loving eyes, hand on brow
(Can he actually be that stupid?).
I’ve been lulled by his detached ways, foolish girl!
believing restraint had something to do with honor.
He must think me shallow, and empty of all recollection,
or maybe its the small stature of his mind.
No doubt he wants me to return his “love”
believing our differences might be resolved
with a wave of his hand or a snap of his fingers.
As if all the evil he conjured up, never really happened.
That at issue are but fleeting memories, lightly laid aside.
Dear god if I did that the specter of my loved ones
would rise up from the grave and hustle me to darkest hell.
Pyrrhus has no love for me; only a strong will
that restrains a lurking obscenity, soon to be my shame.
I was a fool to ever think otherwise.

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