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by Ms.A
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i think this applies to a lotta ppl out there..
I've crossed the invisible line that marks adulthood ages ago..But i can't help it..

- ..if i still wake up on weekends with a smile on my face, thankful that I don't have to go to school.

- ..if i stop paying attention to what the older crowd is talking bout and unknowingly tune into news bout the mean ol' science teacher or the day someone wore the wrong shoes on games day.

- ..if I blow spit bubbles every once in a while.

- ..if I spend more than 30 minutes trying to get to the last bit of Nutella in the jar.

- ..if I still wanna put on sparkly Hello Kitty hairclips.

- ..if I wanna do the tight-rope walk on the edge of the pavement.

- ..if my ears pick up any mention of 17-year old sons of family friends before i realise I'm not 14 anymore..or perv-y.

- ..if i still consider Winnie the Pooh bedspreads.

- ..if my fingers still freezes over the remote while flipping across channels and I come across Tom and Jerry.

- ..if i still giggle over Bugs Bunny.

- ..if I'm addicted to Disney Channel or Cartoon Network.

- ..if I sing "U get d bessssssssssst of both wooooorldsss..." in the shower.

- ..if balloons cheer me up.

- ..if i race to get to the best swing when we go to a park.

-..if i grumble at having to giving up the best swing to an actual kid. :(

-..if the beach means three things to me - water, seashells and sand castles!!!

- ..if i know the names of all of the seven dwarfs.

- ..if i like to stick my head out the window outta a moving car.

- ..if i'd rather use a pencil and an eraser than MS Word.

- ..if i have the wrappers of every Quality Street I've eaten tucked away in a suitcase.

-..if i still grab my dad's hand before crossing the road.

-..if i still do "5 times..." in my head before telling time.

-..if i have a slap on PowerPuff Girls tattoo on my arm on certain days.

-..if i suddenly feel like going to sleep under the bed.

- ..if i still gloat over the fact that I was the best "jump-rope jumper" in my whole building.

-..if i break into a dance in the middle of the sitting room at 4am in the morning.

-..if i wanna forget bout being an adult for a lil while..

can u? *Smile*

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