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Eternal conflict in heaven and earth
Luc stood stiff and straight, his shoulders and broad chest thrust outward.Long blond hair slightly matted clung to his back and his blue piercing eyes narrowed at the glowing form. Michael and Gabriel each had an arm hold on him that didn't allow any movement.

He lost the battle. His followers lay on the battlefield dead for all intents and purpose. Proud of his stand; he would not bend before the master of his fate.

"Luc, you were once my faithful follower." The voice shook him to his core. "You took advantage of me and gathered an army overthrow my throne." The voice lowered to a conversation level and those surrounding him could be seen breathing a little easier. "I let you have your battle, because it was what you wanted. You could not win; your fate is in my hands." The voice of God rang through all heaven.

"I could have won!" Luc spat at his creator, "I would have won. I have just as much power as your whole army put together," he roared.

The form rose to a vertical stance, "I created you. I know what you are and your limitations. I gave you the power and I can take it away. There is no way you can take the place of the Prince or even have the same benefits. He is a part of me that you can never be. Accept that. You have a choice at this moment. If you renounce everything that you fought for, I will reinstate your army to mine and you will have a place in my kingdom, not what you once had, but a place here. If not, I've made a place for you and your army. You will be exiled there for eternity. Never again will you be allowed to partake of my favor."

"Your favor?" Luc practically spat the words, "I have a choice and I chose not to go anywhere."

"If this were not so sad I could almost laugh. You have no choice now. I gave you that and you abused it. I see that now. I've created a world with a planet called Earth. There I will create a being that will have the power of free will."

"Bah! you create a perfect place. Something like heaven and you create beings that have the free will to chose. Chose what?" Luc tried to emphasize his words with his arms but Gabriel and Michael held them to his side. His face contorted with anger and frustration. The once handsome face took on the expression of deep hatred and anger. "That isn't a choice. Its a perfect world they only have to choose what to eat. Is that a choice?"

There was silence in the kingdom. "They will have a choice. That choice is to be obedient or disobey my rule. Like you they have the same free will."

"Then this earth you have created is perfect for me, send me there." The bravado had turned to a slight whine.

Silence stretched on again until it was so long Luc was sure The Father had forgotten him.

"It shall be done. For a time I will allow you limited access to those who will inhabit it. You're still subject to me and you will not have the ability to terminate any life unless I deem it. Remember your time is limited. I will allow the humans I create, free will. I won't interfere with their choice, but I will use all the power and resources I have to influence them to choose the right way."

Luc shrugged as much as he was able, "Whatever. I promise you I will win more to my side than you will keep on your side." He saw a look between the Prince and his Father. There was something going on he was out of the loop on.

"You made your choice. Now go." The very air shook with His words.

"If you say so, but I'll become strong again and we'll see who rules there. I have everything that is power and glory!" Light started to flare from him but immediately fizzled down to a little speck and went out. There was a teetering laugh and Luc glared into the air searching the sky for the offenders.

"You assume it for all the wrong reasons. This is your choice and you've made it for you and your followers. The new world for you; the rest will be punished forever in the place I have prepared for you. Remember you won't be on the earth forever." There was a resigned sadness in the voice.

"I will have to roam this world alone?" Luc struggled against the men who held him, but they continued to keep him in check. They didn't even look at him.

"I will allow Basil and William to stay with you; your bodyguard and your spiritual guide. That's it. On the new world you may claim any soul that you wish, as long as you can keep it under your control. However, I will be in control also. If I see the need I will send Gabriel and Michael their army, to protect any soul that does not choose to follow you. At such time as I say, your time will be over. You will take your souls and join your army in the place of eternal damnation. There will be one final battle for those souls and after that; Judgment Day." A wave of light shattered the air and Luc found himself on a grassy knoll along with William and Basil. A beautiful garden lay below them and stretched out on a rock was a woman so beautiful that Luc was imediately filled with desire.

"You will not touch her. You can only speak to her." the voice of the master almost destroyed his hearing.

He looked at his body and found it unlike the beautiful creature he once was. He was a serpent with legs and arms.

"You look kind of cute." William backed a way and tried to smile at the unfamilar creature.

"This isn't fair!" He screamed at the sky above him. "How will I talk to her?"

There was no answer.

He walked around on the grass getting used to his legs and long tail. When he was confident he and his two cohorts went to explore.

"What do we have here?" Luc asked as he watched the woman come through the trees to the center of the garden. "Hello, who might you be?" he asked her.

The woman froze and looked all around her to see who spoke. "Down here." Luc spoke again.

"Oh, there you are. What are you?" she asked as she leaned down to get a closer look at him.

"I'm a serpent. One of a kind."

"Really?" she stood and looked all around as if another would come out of the grass.

"Yes, I'm alone."

"That's too bad."

"It's alright. This is a pretty nice place with plenty to eat."

"Oh, be careful. We can eat of any tree but that one." She pointed to a large tree with fruit hanging from its limbs.

"Why not?" he began walking toward the tree.

"It's forbidden." She took two steps to follow him and stopped.

Luc seduced her with insidious questions until she ate the forbidden fruit that dammed all humans to eternal death for all eternity. He had won and he hadn't been on earth more than a few hours.

That was thousands of years ago. Since then he and God fought many battles. For every action Luc had a reaction. He tried to wipe the Chosen People out by ordering Pharaoh to kill them. Some were saved by God's command to put the blood of a lamb on their houses. He should have known then. When Moses wrote God's law on the tablets of stone. Luc offered the children an idol. Back and forth they fought for the souls of man.

Luc had plenty of time to refine his, William's and Basil's talents. The souls they collected over the years would rival any army the master could gather. Luc appeared to many. His beauty stunned the world. When it came to women; his physical attributes and power to seduce them, became easier and easier as time went by. William went before him preparing their minds, seducing them with physical abilities that ranged from heightened perception, to charismatic voices. He would use men of power to sway the weak from any thought of self. People followed these passionate men because of the promises William whispered into their minds. Taking the form of the powerful men, Luc seduced the women to give him untold pleasure at his whim. Then some he chose to use his influence to cultivate their souls in death. Who else would have thought up a child's drink as a weapon. It was a good life.

While Luc kept his leaders under his control, he had fun with weak minded and susceptible people. He sent Basil, with this dark looks and demon breath to torment and terrorize houses and their residents. It was great fun to sit back and watch the horrified humans flee their homes; call their holy men, who ran around throwing water over everything. He got irritated when they began to call on the Prince to help them. At times, depending on the person calling and which god they served, Basil's terror would escalate. Not all their priests and ministers belonged to the Prince. Some hid their secrets deep under their robes or clerical collars. It was a source of enjoyment to run them ragged in front of the world.

"Luc, here is another picture of me; I'm thinking in time I may be the leader here with all this attention." Basil sat across from Luc in the penthouse suite of a hotel, downtown New York. His long pointed fingernail tapped the page. His muscular body enhanced by the drugs that William's scientists perfected, moved in the soft light of the room.

"Yes, you are a fierce one. Between you and William, I just have to wait for collection day." Soft bodies moved from behind the chair to caress Basil’s hard form while another ministered to Luc.

"I can't complain about the treatment we get. I love all these little angels that William has provided. They do wonders for the ego and my male pride." Basil looked down as the beauty knelt before him. "I don't think I will be going anywhere for a while."

Luc nodded and with a wave of his hand many more of the beautiful beings covered the men bringing them every pleasure they desired.

William, I think we need a vacation." Luc transported from New York across the country to his favorite little corner of the world. He had no need of airplanes or jets. He could think and he appeared there. In this new little community he had his own adoring fans. William accompanied him, along with his entourage.

In this desolate place where very little grew, men, women, boys and girls, worked hard to make a life for themselves. Denying all outward pleasures, Luc appeared to them as a beautiful, seductive leader. He smiled and encouraged them, gave them a sense of belonging. Few would ever want to leave it. In turn he bestowed on the men the gift of pleasure whenever they felt the need with a variety of the females they chose to protect. It was perfect. Lust and adoration all under the guise of religion.

Luc had spent the day with a few of his many wives and children; their accolades rang in his ears when William burst in the room.

"We have trouble." William announced.

"Again? Where?"

"At the gate."

In a matter of seconds William, Basil, who had just arrived, and Luc were in the guard house, looking at the monitor. Outside the walls, squad cars and a variety of official personnel lined the long dusty road. Luc whirled out the door and leaped to the walkway along the wall.

It was the beings in the air above them, that Luc watched. He could see them conversing but he could't hear what they were saying.

"William, go and welcome our guests." Luc ordered, his eyes never leaving the glorified beings.

"Me? Why me?" His voice rose and broke.

"I said so. We'll be on the wall behind you." Luc answered while Basil nodded his flacid skin jiggling. William stood in the gate opening, and hoped Luc would come to his rescue.

"Enough is enough," Michael''s voice rose, his feet spread apart, hand on the sword at his side, his khaki army uniform pressed to knife edged pleats. “There's going to be an accounting here.” Michael pointed his finger at William who fell to the ground writhing in agony. None of the humans saw the two. He pulled the sword from the scabbard and pointed the tip at the gate and the door banged against the buildings behind them. Luc and Basil stood in the middle facing him. "Step back Luc. It's going to happen.” Micheal's voice roared at Luc who winced. A glow of light surrounded the three men and they were steadfast in their places.

At a shout from one of the officers, men in full riot gear swarmed the compound. Luc's army was no match for the Godly angels that swarmed and held Luc's spirit forms in check.

The human officers rounded up the women and children and took them to a convoy of buses. When they were gone Luc confronted Michael with William, slowly recovering, at his side.

“You may have won this little skirmish but not the battle. My little flock will return.” The smug look on Luc’s face did not go unnoticed by Michael.

“Your sordid playground is now open to the public eye. Prayers were heard and God's hand was moved to stop this. The public outcry will sway some from your cult following.” Heavenly beings gathered behind Michaeland nodded at his words, ready for any retaliation.

“They are ours,” Basil screamed, flying into the air, talons spread for plunder.

“Back off Basil,” A bolt of light flew through the air and pierced Basil causing him to fall to the earth wounded. William sent his angels to minister to Basil, bringing him back to safety.

“You have come to kill my brothers?” Luc’s smile lit his face and he exuded charisma to Michael. “Come, leave your master. I am the master here, and I can give you everything that you ever could think of. You want power? An army to control, wars to fight? It is all yours, just step over here and give me your allegiance.” He poured all his abilities into a sweet essence that flowed over and around Michael. It hovered for a moment around the Archangel then disappeared.

“This is how your promises are, nothing but vapor. I don’t understand why these humans subject themselves to your inhuman torture.”

“I give them what they want right now. All you can promise is a future. They want riches here and now; and I fulfill that need. When they choose your way, I just test them to the limits to get them back. Some I win, some I lose, but in the end I will win!” Luc pumped his powerful fist in the air and a shout from his followers could be heard in the wind.

Michael leaned forward and spoke in low firm tones, “Lucifer, you know you won’t win. It isn’t who has the most souls in his kingdom, it is the last one standing, that wins. You already know your fate and those who follow you.” In a flash of light, Michael and his army disappeared. The dust swirled and covered the three with a layer of earth before Luc could defend himself.

In a fit of anger, he sent William and Basil to stir up the demons and cause discord where ever they could. Suicide bombs went off killing masses of people, a flurry of attacks on allied forces killed many and caused uproar in the United States. He went on a rampage across the earth stirring trouble where he willed.

Lucifer knew his time was short. He didn’t need it thrown in his face; there was a chance that he might be able to win the next fight. He needed more souls for his army and he just might, might change the outcome of his eternal destination.

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