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A different way of looking at how love developes
  Through Open Doors

Into a doorway I stood,
as God opened the door to my heart.
And through windows my spirit came and went,
a passing of which was due to come.
Like a breeze on a spring day,
my broken spirit passed window sills.
As hope poured into the room once so empty.
I stood in the doorway but never knocked,
and turned and walked away.
But that one particular day,
the door opened wide.
No longer could I run and hide.
She stood there expecting me as if she knew.
That upon the doors opening,
I would be there.
We stood on both sides for what seemed forever,
never knowing fully and so scared.
Until God opened the door and laid it bare.
Such it is , upon your heart,
not knowing when it will be opened,
or how or why.
And as love passed through,
we began our best to give it a try..
As Angels led our hands;
passing through, as it were.
Both going to and coming from,
none of which did we care.
Take note you lovers,
for it is true.
No one knows when or where,
that door will open for you.
But the one who gave us love;
with hand upon the knob,
turned it so gently and pushed it to;
as our hearts began to throb.
Some turn away and close the door behind;
and try so hard to forget.
But someone or something has already passed on through,
and still resides there inside.
But if you're like me, you'll never just forget,
every door opened each day.
That somehow God and Love passed through here,
in it's own particular way.
Don't close the door,
without thinking that once,
love might have just passed you by.
Don't shut the door tight,
unless you're sure, that
you can keep it out and why.
Don't be so sure that
before it's over,
it really has not yet begun.
I know what I am saying may make no sense,
unless you close your eyes.
God opens the doors to every ones heart,
when we close it is why we cry.
Because the love remains around the room,
the size I can't explain.
The door is shut, it can't come in, neither can it escape my friend..
If you search real hard,
as you read this prose,
find the inner part of your heart so dear.
You'll hear God opening the door,
for you and I , because he is so near.
And I hope who ever has read this verse,
will excuse me for making this clear.
I don't have the door,
nor have I opened it,
but love is not far from here.
Just look at a door in a different way,
as if it opens your heart.
Remember that God has created all love,
and with it he intends to impart.
In a doorway I stood,
not looking for love,
but it opened up just the same.
I never reached for the knob,
never knocked on the door,
none the less it came there for me.
Oh love have you entered my heart so true?
And through the door you passed this way?
There will never be another you I know,
and for that case another me.
God holds in His hand,
the keys to our heart.
And the doors he opens each day.
Keep it open if you love,
and close it if your lost,
but there it will always remain.

S A Gibbins 2009

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