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by Arya85
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trapped in myself
Black wraps around you choking your cry
You strive for the pinpoint, but it's useless to try
Falling deeper into your darkest fear
You lose the light and night draws near
The darkness has you-it twists you to its own
You struggle against it yet soon you are a clone
The light, the good, is imprisoned inside
Within such evil it has no choice but hide
The innocence corrupted slow but true
Soon you're a perversion you're no longer you
Screaming in pain you force yourself back
To the goodness in life- away from the black
Yet deep inside a seed is sown
A grain of evil, temporarily on loan
It will corrupt, destroy and decay
It will dim, diminish and demolish day
You are doomed to be something you hate
Your once bright light now dissipates
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