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Yesterday my father called himself a failure.

As he began to explain himself , tears rolled down my face.

I wasn't expecting my father home for a couple hours, and was in the middle planning my grandma's birthday dinner.

I stared at him- speechless. What was I supposed to say?

I am just fifteen years old. I'm not even close to my father, which I suddenly deeply regret.

I asked him to sit down and relax. I tried convincing him he wasn't a failure but he wouldn't listen.

He began explaining himself - said things which were shocking and horrible. Things I don't want to mention but I knew would change my life forever.

Our conversation got very intense and we didn't realize how time flew by. It was 4 a m today when we finished talking and I don't think anybody would ever understand my father but I was okay with that.

I've been so involved with myself that I didn't even realise that me and my father hadn't had a lasting conversation in so many years.

Last night- I realized so much and I just had to share it with everybody but I guess its something you can't go announcing around.

I am fifteen years old my life has meerly just begun. I haven't spoken to my father in years and we live in the same house, but when we did it was something so special - although quite miserable, but the bond you share with the man who made you it is incredible. You aren't afraid when your with your father. It just is safe and you feel so secure.

I want everyone who ever reads this to go hug their fathers and just tell them that you love them.

They have given you life and everything with it- you owe them that much.

Give it too him- life it's just too short
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