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One of many clips from a collection of my material

We have felt the cold collapse of communism in countries that couldn’t sustain its concept as a concrete reality. We have felt the melting of a monetary system that made millionaires madmen and peasants immoral monsters through the wheels of a deteriorating machine. We have felt the love of hating something so deeply we dream about the hate as if it puts us in heaven, and the love of that hate escalates our elation to a point of pure evil. We’ve danced with the devil while denying divinity, murdered immorality with the fraying strings of faith, and slaughtered our thoughts with logic and emotion to the point of paralyzing our minds. Our symbols are changing from crosses to arches, from religious to secular, from divine to an immortality controlled by time, money and the masses. Social class has suffocated our ability to freely express our desires, and if you are able to express that desire you cannot attain it. Ancient ruins remind us of our fragile lives and the sanctity of being remembered. Why do people need to know who I am after I’ve existed? Why do people need to know who I am now? Why do I need to be important? Can I not serve the good of humanity by sitting on my couch eating potato chips and smoking pot? Maybe we are the souls meant to shine less bright than the stars, but bright enough to keep our own world illuminated. After all, aren’t the brightest lights coming from stars that have died? And who would want to be a star anyway? Stars can’t sustain life. Why don’t people ever want to be planets, or galaxies, or even universes? Maybe we’re too small to see the brightness from a broader perspective. It’s a shame, we waste too much time wanting what we’ll never have and having what we never wanted.
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