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A semi-erotic poem about a woman who likes to sleep around - really cool!
Sipping a drink in a casual pose,
With a made-up face and painted toes,
Appearing reposed, and staking her claim,
She picks up a fellow by asking his name.

Evelyn Staymark, filled with aplomb,
Doesn’t think sleeping around is dumb –
Now back at the office, she’s ready to work,
Hoping the midget won’t act like a jerk!

Seeking to trade phone numbers again,
With all walks of life and styles of men,
Hoping to sleep with the right kind of guy,
She goes bar-hopping, gives them a try.

No better fun than a smooth-talking man,
Dressed to the nines, good looks, and a tan –
Evelyn Staymark is again on the prowl,
Picking and choosing, a constant night owl…
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