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The even intriguing question - Are we all a figment of our own imagination?
Office - in general a boring place where mundane meets monotonous to create a murky future, in which you see no hope for your career growth (you are very good and your potential has not been recognized by the management - don't we all say that!). Personally I dread Mondays! But since now-a-days mostly I work 7 days a week I dread every day that the Great Man above created!

But today office was a little different... almost tolerable. The philosopher in the team started an interesting conversation - If everything is relative including time... and if the mind is above matter then why can’t this entire universe be our perception? Do we really exist? Does money really have any standing in "real" life? Basically what is real life? It is a well travelled road and the subject matter has been twisted and turned and tested in every way possible from the ancient holy books to the recent "Matrix" movie trilogy. So why write about it? Because there was an interesting point brought up today! Does the mind believe that it exists? And if it stops believing will we stop existing?

The human mind - truly a work of the Gods. Man can recreate anything except the mind which makes it all happen. Scientifically speaking the "brain" is just a junction of nerves receiving impulses, in which case were does the "thought" originate? Most of us live life without questioning our very existence.... but if we stop for a minute and thing about it, on the face of it everything will seem insignificant! You are born a helpless child and you leave the world in a few decades as helpless as you were born... then why the struggle in between? I might seem very pessimistic I agree (and trust me I love living life and having fun) - but still I can’t stop this though from crossing my mind at least once in a while.
You might say immortality in the memories of others. But what is that to us once we have moved on?

You might Nirvana - a concept that according to me is still a theory. When man achieves that level of concentration and control of mind over body, then he ceases to be human and becomes a higher being. If this is achievable then I find a meaning in life, and till now with most people who have tried it, the body has always won. The only existence of Nirvana I know of is the music band. So this is also crossed out.

Moving on to the next plausible reason - Magic. No it’s not some childish fantasy. Most of the magic tricks you hear about in the folk lore's of yesteryear are theoretically do-able by basics laws of Physics. So why should it be a fantasy? Life might just gather some meaning if we are able to get that kind of mind power over objects. But magic has sadly remained in the stories itself.

Till now it has always been Matter over Mind, and strangely I'm OK with that.
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