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A grief stricken heart
The Bully (Working Tittle)

The old man knew he was in his last hours of his life. His fate was set a few months ago after a major heart attack left him nearly dead. It had been a miracle he had lives this long. He had no one to call, no one to talk to. He had pushed away everyone he loved years ago. He was alone, and that's how he liked it. He lays down on his nursing home bed.

For some reason, the man started thinking about the old days, back when he was the high school bully. He pushed everyone around, establishing himself as the guy you didn't want to mess with. He knew he hurt a lot of people, but it was his way of getting and keeping power.

He heard footsteps coming towards him... As if there is someone in the room. But he knew no one had come in but the nurses today. No one could of come in. He had been inside the room all day.

Seemingly from no where, 7 high school boys walked toward the mans bed. Each one was covered in bruises and a few have scars that look like they are from a noose around there neck. One has a gunshot hole through his head. Another has a sliced throat. All of them the old man recognized as those he bullied back in high school. All had committed suicide because day after day of repeated bullying.

"No..." the old man growls. Ghosts of the past here to take there revenge. The 7 each move to grab the man and pick him up. They then fling him out the window to the outside. The mans heart gave out before he hit the ground.


The next morning, after a frantic 9-1-1 call by the owner of the nursing home and a flurry of flashing lights, the morining newspaper arrived as it always had. The front page headline read:

"93 year old man commits suicide"

Under that, the story read:

"Late last night, 93 year old man was found dead after a fall from his third story window. No foul play is suspected as of now, according to the local police who are now investigating the death. Security footage shows no one near his room within a hour period of the death.

A woman that lived in the room next to the man, says she heard him talking in his sleep several nights about his past, and says 'He was held captive by his past. The only thing I can hope is he is finally free'"
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