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This is about the author expressing himself. Can you answer these questions?
Have you ever met someone that you would spend your whole life with, only to find out that you can never have them?..............(think about it)................I have met that someone. I see her from time to time. We have dated twice, but it didnt work out. We are talking now. As we are talking, im developing feelings for her. They seem all TOO familiar. They are growing stronger each moment. I go from listening intently to that she saying to day dreaming about her lips being SWEET as honey. Her beauty is beyond description. we had some ''GOOD'' memories (lol) I want her to be my girl friend again, I want her to be with me! But I know it wont happen. For one thing, shes seeing someone else (that didnt stop us before lol) Plus my love life is ''complicated''.  And i know if we can try to make us work again, we will have the same issues that we had before. She is TOO!!! busy for me during da week. AND I can be with her every other weekend. Plus she tells me that she cant see ''US'' in the future. My questions to My readers is......

Have you ever loved someone SO much?

Have you ever cared for someone SO much?

have you ever wish you can change things to favor what you want?

Have you ever felt like, without the one person in your life, it seems meaningless?

Have you ever felt confused and frustrated?

Have you ever...................................
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