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An insight into relationships.
More Sue

Sue’s mom was a wise woman. She, Mom, knew about the way her world worked. It was programmed into her genes and strengthened by her mother’s and all the other women of her world's examples and teachings. This, the mother will again pass onto her lineage.

For instance, she knew about man and his ways.

Man is not a very complicated creature, man need very little to be happy. All you must see to is that his stomach is filled, his refreshment – be it beer or something else – always be available and his fragile little ego must be stroked as often as possible. He must know - his home is his castle and in it, he is ‘KING’ - it is what he must be allowed to think. Well, now and again will do, we do not want to spoil him too much.

In exchange for all of that, he will work all his natural life, the same way his father did and all men preceding him, to fulfill his vocation … his dependents' breadwinner and master of his castle.

It must be said this approach works for the majority of men, not for all of them. There is another group of men that can be called 'the renegades' (they - 'the renegades' - are not covered in this story.)

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Sue has sisters who are much older then Sue, their names are Susan, Susie and Peggy-Sue.

For a moment here, I must explain something about the names seeming so similar. Sue’s mother’s name is Suzanne, which, of course, ‘is properly the French shape of Susanna’, which; ‘In Hebrew, it is ‘graceful white lily’’

(we will not bother with the detail about the origin of this name giving, all we know is that there was a lot of flowers involved at some stage before the marriage.)

Suzanne’s mother ( Sue's grandmother, Susannah) told her, to try and keep things simple and uncomplicated in her life, then there will be very few problems.

That is where the saying originated – Keep it simple Stupid.(KISS)
And so, all the girls in the family had a name like Susannah or a derivative thereof. When Mother called “SUSANNAH !”, all the girls came running. It does make sense and saves a lot of bother, then all the girls were available at one time, to be given chores to do.

Somehow, there were always chores to do and no girl could get away with not pitching in, as some-one would end up doing double chores, nobody wanted that.

It made that they would perform as a team, the quicker the work was done, the quicker they all had free time.

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One day, as Sue sat and played close to two of her elder sisters, she overheard the following conversation.

Susan: “These men are all the same – just like Mother said they would be! He thinks, because I said ‘Yes’ to marrying him, he can throw his weight around.”

Susie: “Well, what was John up to now? He is very cocky, is he not?”

Susan: “He has his good points, still, his cockiness will have to be where and when I want it, and not his idea of being cocky.”

Susie: “Well, how are you going to sort him out?”

Susan: “No problem. The other night when we went to have a look at our new flat, we tried out a few new tricks.”

Susie: “You didn’t?”

Susan: “Cannot live on words alone, you know. Anyway, afterwards, he took his pants and told me to put them on. I said "what for?". He said I must humor him. I said "okay" and humored him with a good show by getting his pants on. Then John said to me, without a smile...believe it...said to me…."Now, once when we are married, this will never happen again. This will be the last time you will wear the pants in our house.”

Susie: “You’re joking, he said that, what did you tell him?”

Susan: “About the same. I gave him my panties, and told him to get them on, which he did. Then I said ‘If ever you are interested in what’s in those panties, you will think again, else, this will be the last time you will be in them.’ I am sure he’s got the message.”

Sue did not quite understand all of that story, although she understood, that men are all the same.

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Ref: NAME THIS CHILD (A Handy guide for Puzzled Parents) by. ERIC PARTRIDGE.

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