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Contemporary Romance- *WIP* ROUGH DRAFT
DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way shape or form claiming all Ravers, or Kandi Kids in particular to be drug users, nor to I condone irresponsible drug usage. The attitudes, opinions and decisions of these characters do not necessarily reflect those of the author. This is FICTION. For those who want to experiment, be responsible and know the facts! http://www.erowid.com


Jacob Spade sat behind his desk and smiled broadly. Life was good. The audio software he'd given up his life for during college had just been purchased for a cool 4.6 million dollars by a well known recording company. He had enough money now to start up his own software engineering business, invest in a few stocks, and even enough extra to take a few years off and have a life for a while... Or rather a much more exciting job.

He smiled thinking of the rave a few nights before. It hadn't been the first party he'd played. It hadn't even been his first headline. But it had been his first time headlining at such a huge venue with so many people there just to party with him. His friend Tim, another well known DJ, had invited him on a world tour for the next year. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. After being a shut in for four years, with only a few occasional shows to pick up cash for books, he was going on tour to all of the hottest nightclubs across the world. Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin... and that was just the start.

The housekeeper, hired by the condo building to save tenants the tedium of cleaning, knocked politely on the door. "Misser Spade? There's a lady here to see ya." she murmured, her faintly southern twang reminding him of Foerst Gump's mom.

A visitor? He glanced at the clock. Him and his friend Dave were supposed to meet for taco Tuesday, a weekly lunch ritual for them since freshman year of college, but he still had about a half hour... Jack motioned for her to send the woman in.

The housekeeper nodded and back out the door. A few moments later his guest entered, and the day got even more interesting. She was beautiful. Big dark eyes, lips like Angelina Jollie, tan skin, jet black hair, great rack... She looked to be of Polynesian decent.

"DJ Spades?" she asked and he nodded.

"That's me. Come on in."

"Nice diggs," she noted, looking around curiously.

He shrugged modestly, "It helps to have two parents who are both hospital directors."

She nodded and crossed the room to shake hands, "Belladonna Kahnahali." she said by way of introduction.

Jack took her hand and shook it professionally, "Hell of a name."

She smiled an shrugged, "That's what you get when your Italian mother marries a Hawaiian."

That answered that question. She was Hawaiian. Cool. Next question, "What can I do for you miss-"

"Just Bella, please, and it's what I can do for you!" she announced, "I'm here to make you an offer you can't refuse!"

Jack found himself smiling. She was spunky, he liked that, "Is that right?"

"It is! I saw your show last night and knew I had to come see you! I'm hear to say I can give your parties something no other DJ has. Something none of them could touch! Something that will make venues not only invite you in to play, but beg for you!" she reached into the black messenger bag she'd brought with her and pulled out two round, frosted, white balls, slightly smaller than a baseball, and attached with black cords to two clear sticks that looked very similar to the light sticks often used by ravers to create lightshows, "May I present to you, the ancient art of poi! Updated for the rave scene, obviously."

Jack blinked. "Poi?"

"Yup! It originated in Maori culture in New Zealand. It's an art form using spinning objects. Usually lit on fire, but here, I'm using these."

Swiftly, Jack connected the pieces, "You mean you do lightshows. Those things that most ravers can do?"

She grinned broadly and pulled out two more poi, "Not like me and not like this." Setting her messenger bag on the ground she pulled out an iPod and a mini speaker set, and shrugged out of her blazer, revealing a long sleeve black turtleneck underneath. "now, for this demonstration I'll be using your own music to show how well we could work together- uh..." she paused, frowning at the large panoramic windows. "Is there a darker room in the house?"

Jack smiled, charmed and curious by her pitch- and hell, he'd admit it- he was a sucker for a pretty girl. He reached for the small remote that controlled basically everything in the room. An instant later the solid black sheets were descending from the ceiling to cast the room in heavy darkness.

"Nice," she remarked then the small light on the iPod came to life casting a light glow on her face while she searched for the song she wanted. She pressed play, set the portable sound system down and they waited for the music start.

Only a moment later the iPod went dark and the first beats to one of his more popular songs began. The robotic sounding voice counted down from five and the second the vocals began, so did the show.

Jack had seen a lot of light shows in the rave scene. An avid drug user he loved them when he was tripping. Loved the colors, the patterns, the way the lights seemed to linger after the person had whipped them away. But none of those shows were anything like this.

Between the four poi she created a dazzling rainbow display that had him questioning his sobriety. She moved them so fast flipping the various lights on and off in a seamless rhythm that painted patterns and images that he'd only ever seen a computer produce. He wondered if some how she had been hiding an extra set of arms behind her back.

His inner marketing expert kicked in and he could just picture her playing a party with him. The crowds would love it! On stage beside him with the lasers framing them, she'd draw people in like moths to a flame. It was brilliant! She was pretty... talented... She could be a nice addition. And he wasn't playing regional anymore... hell he wasn't even going national, he was going global. He'd need something to keep a little edge.

The music ended and the lights went out. Jack raised the blinds and they both blinked at the brightness of the sunny day that flooded back into the room.

"Wow." It was all he could think to say, but apparently it was exactly what she wanted to hear. She grinned broadly and quickly shut down her iPod before it could become a distraction.

"So do I have the job?"

Jack hedged, "Well lets talk a second here. How much do you expect for this?"

"I was hoping for about $500 a show." she replied, her eyes watching him cautiously.

Jack raised his eyebrows. Steep. But he had to admit if he could do what she did, he'd expect about the same. he thought about the profits Tim's Manager had promised him and the other DJ's touring... With her on board at $500 he'd still be making a nice profit. "You know I start touring with a couple buddies of mine in two weeks right?"

She smiled, "I didn't but that's awesome. Perfect in fact. I'm free to tour."


Her jaw dropped, "Global?" she asked in a squeek.

Jack nodded, "A full year, one show every 2 weeks with a three week break over the Christmas holidays and a week's break over Easter."

Her mouth worked, but nothing came out. After a moment she took a deep breath, then faced him directly, "Fine."


"I can do that. But it'll cost $900 a show," she said, her voice more determined. "For travel expenses," she added quickly.

Jack frowned. They were only being promised $1500 a show... He'd be making less than half in profit from the deal. But did he really need the money? His stock portfolio said no. Hell, He'd been willing to do the tour for less... Slowly, then with renewed confidence he nodded, "Alright. I hope you have a passport. We leave for London in two weeks."

"I gotta job, I gotta job, who's gotta job, I gotta job, la, la, la!" Bella sang as she pranced around the restaurant's kitchen three hours later. Kelly, her overly cynical and deadpan friend stood with her arms crossed looking bored at the display.

"Good, so I'm not going to have to put up you're obnoxious sunshine attitude every fucking day." she said muttered.

"Buon per voi Bella, voi sta andadno fare molto bene!" Their head chef, Antonio, chimed in from behind the counter.

"English Sparky!" Kelly snarled.

"He was congratulating me,"Bella translated.

"Goddamn diegos," Kelly said with a roll of her eyes.

"If you don't like Italians, why are you working in an Italian restaurant?" Bella asked with reasonable logic.

"Because they were hiring at $3.75 an hour plus tips."


"WOO!! YEAH! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" Bella shouted, jumping up and down and giving one of her poi a quick spin above her head. "My god, did you see that? Them? They Loved us!"

"Yeah," Jack replied. It was all he could manage with his eyes locked onto her breasts. The black and green corset she was wearing made her already ample cleavage extraordinary. His fingers were twitching. Fucking skin crawlers. He loved and hated them. On the one hand there wasn't a feeling to compare to fucking during a kandi flip- especially skin crawlers, but if you weren't fucking...

Don't mix business and pleasure. Don't mix business and pleasure...

"Hey, you wanna get out of here?"

"Huh?" Get out of here? "Like head back to the hotel?" Not a good Idea.... REALLY not a good idea...

"Well I was actually thinking ice cream. I'm ALL about strawberry ice cream on a flip. There's supposed to be a place near here that's open all night."

Jack's brain stalled. Bella? Ice cream? Bella and strawberry ice cream? NO! logic screamed. She's your employee! You are not going to fucking sleep with her!

Well you better figure out something because I need sex now! he shouted back. Outside of his mind, he said, "You know, I'm not really into ice cream," huge lie there... "I'll catch up with you later."

Her face drooped slightly in disappointment, but almost immediately, Ryan's girlfriend, Michi, was at her side, "Did you say ice cream? Oh my god I would kill babies for ice cream right now!"

Bella brightened instantly, "Awesome! Let's go! We'll catch up with you boys at breakfast!" The two girls skipped out of sight, laughing.

Well that got rid of temptation for the moment... But if he went back to the hotel alone and she came back later-

"Hey DJ!" called a sugar sweet chirp.

Jack turned to see the little purple haired girl from earlier smiling at him.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked around a bright red lollypop.

With Bella no longer distracting him, Jack gave the little raver girl the once over. She was very slim and petite. Definitely cute... And she looked nothing like Bella. Jack smiled, "Nuthin'. What are you doin'?"

She shrugged,and battered her eye lashes, "I was thinking of getting out of here. Wanna come?"



"Seriously? Is that all you think about?" she demanded, thoroughly exasperated.

"Sex? Yes. I thought scientists had figure that out centuries ago about the male species," Jack replied, a cheeky smile turning up the corner of his mouth.

Bella gritted her teeth and fought back the urge to slap the look right off his face.

"Besides," he continued, "Have you ever had kandi sex?"


That got his attention. Sitting up straight he leaned across the table, "No?! Seriously?! How could you not?!"

"Slut factor aside... smart raver girls don't get drugged up and go home with strangers. That's a great way to get beaten, raped and killed."

"Yeah but your boyfriends in the past-"

"All pot heads. None of them went any further. The only reason I got into raves was because after the one cheated on me, a friend of mine took me to a rave, gave me drugs and a couple poi and said 'have at it!' After that I've still always kept my rave life separate from everything and everyone else."

"Well how about this? Next break we'll get plastered and I'll have sex with you."

Bella felt her heart go still... He wanted to sleep with her? Wait, stop! her mind cautioned,of course he wants to sleep with you, you have all the working equipment. That doesn't mean he's serious about you! Hurt lanced through her. Of course he's not serious... He'll sleep with anything... I'm just convenient. Aloud she replied, "That's not funny" and stormed away from the table before he noticed how deeply he'd cut.


What would it be like? To be the girl who got to have wild kandi sex with DJ Spade?

Sitting with her back against the door, Bella bit her lip to keep from crying.

Behind her, she could hear that little raver girl's muffled cries. "Oh yeah, Jack! Oh yeah! Oh baby..." the headboard thumped repetitively against the wall.

Dammit!! It should be her! Not that blond floozy! She knew Jack for who he really was! She was the one who made him tea when he had a hangover in the mornings! It was her shoulder he slept on during the long layovers between flights! She was the one who saw him triumphant with creativity and frustrated with writer's block! That bimbo was nothing but a groupie! She probably slept with every DJ who came to town!

What would he do if she kicked the door in? Kicked it in, threw that little tramp out the door and stripped off her clothes? Would he be excited? Revloted? Pissed? More than likely she'd find herself stranded in Memphis without a job.

She bit back a curse. She needed to get out of here. This was why she hated taking rolls without the hits... A short six hours later and she didn't just come down, she dropped like a fucking rock. Grabbing her fire poi, she gave the connecting door a good solid kick and stormed out of the hotel.

Fifteen minutes later found her entering a small grassy park a few blocks away. This early on a Sunday it was fairly deserted save a few more heath oriented joggers and a couple of people taking their dogs for an early morning constitutional. Bella wandered for a bit seeking someplace where she wouldn't damage anything and eventually found a small pond where the trees were a food fifteen feet away from the shore.

Pulling the kerosene from the small pouch she kept on her she doused the poi balls and lit them with her favorite zippo. She gave them a moment to burn, and turned on her ipod. No techno here... She selected something more mellow and soulfull. She wasn't here to impress anyone. A few quick swings and she closed her eyes, letting the music take control.


Don't mix business and pleasure. Don't mix business and pleasure! Jack fought to keep the mantra going in his head. Then she slipped in a puddle of water and crashed into him.

"Ops!" she giggled when he caught her, "So much for co... c- coordination!" she laughed, "I can't even talk right!"

Sweet god in heaven... Jack held her close to him, the E in his system bringing his blood to the boiling point. She was hot, overheated from the dance floor, sweaty, and flushed under the lights. The skin crawlers in the acid went wild at the feel of her-- at the though of feeling her. Slick and hot moving against him.

"Jack?" she asked curiously.

It took him a long minute to realize he was still holding her close, his gaze locked to her mouth. Fuck it all! He had to kiss her! She could slap him if she didn't like it!

Don't mix business and pleasure, his brain reminded him, but too late. Jack crushed her close to him and kissed her.

He half expected her to seize up. Be outraged, and angry. Pull back and start screaming at him in her bizarre mix if Italian and native Hawaiian. Or at least politely decline, but Bella was always surprising him. The second their lips touched she opened her mouth to him, beckoning him to taste her and returning the kiss with an overheated enthusiasm that had him fighting to keep from coming in his jeans. She moaned, sunk her fingers into his short hair, and tickled the roof of his mouth with her tongue. Jesus Christ she even hooked one of her legs around his calf and was sliding it higher.

Sweet god she wanted him... Maybe it was just for tonight and maybe it was just the flip, but fuck he wasn't about to skip this opportunity. He wasn't that much of a good person. He'd deal with the consequences tomorrow. Jack wrenched his mouth from her's, "We need to leave. NOW!"
Grabbing her hand he dragged her from the dancefloor, and out the door. on the street he came to a stop and she crashed into him, laughing. He loved the way she laughed. Sweet and rich... He kissed her again drawing her to him.


"If you're going, to San Fransisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair..."

The quietly playing music dragged him out of his drug induced coma and he looked at the clock. Seven am. He hadn't been out of it long. The acid was still making his limbs tingle and he still had that mellow contented feeling running through his body that reminded him of a night spent in the arms of a hot and sexy woman.

Movement from the corner of his eye drew his attention. Bella was standing at the vanity mirror attaching a large tropical flower clip in her hair. Just like the song... He was struck then by the beauty of the scene. She was his... Maybe forever? God he hoped so... But he knew his chances were slim. She probably just write it off as "We were both tripping balls... Let's leave it at that." Even now she was preparing to leave him... Maybe she was sneaking out early so he couldn't stop her. The thought depressed him greatly.

She caught sight of his reflection and smiled, "Go back to sleep," she murmured.

"It's seven am," he said, seeking to keep her... Even just for a little longer.

"I know, I have to go take care of something," she replied, "I'll call you when I'm done."

"It's seven am after a rave'" he clarified, "you can't go to anywhere. You're still tripping. And with no sleep..."

She smiled and finished her hair. Turning towards him she grabbed her purse and he was again dazzled. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, and a white button up blouse. She looked... Professional. Not like the pretty rave girl he'd been necking against a wall in a sweaty club. How much did her really know about her? He wondered.

"I slept a little after you finally passed out," bending down she gave him a clear view straight down her shirt as she kissed him, "and I never took the hit."

Then she was gone and, only the sound of the Mammas and the Papas remained.

"If you're going to San Fransisco, you're gonna meet some gentle people there..."

It took his sleep denied, drugged up, brain a good ten minutes before her words sunk into him. She hadn't been on drugs when he'd kissed her. She'd been sober the whole night and had let him make love to her...
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