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by rachie
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                                              this christmas

                            the razor makes a hushed rough noise
                            as it scrapes the whiskers from my face
                                  then i shuffle through the house
                              the sound almost makes me laugh
                                i keep my chuckles in my head
                              the living sleep so close to waking.
                                    we have so filled this house
                                  too much stuff i told you once
                                        i dont think so now
                              snap shots of every where we went
                            or sometimes when we stayed home
                                  the oldest of christmas cards
                                      the newest of gadgets
                i think that is my peanut butter finger print on the toaster
                                    i always got up early
                              i liked to shave all by myself
                          knowing you were still warm in bed
                                    right there our bed
                                i am looking at you now
                            here i am the one who passed
                                  but you are my angel
              i want you to know baby i could not give up this season, not yet
                                    let me whisper this
                                    truth into your soul
                            then i am going to wait for you
                      in time in spirit and every time you laugh
                                i have to kiss your cheek
                                please dont wake too soon
                  the truth that i have found is that baby we are christmas
                                        i love you
                                sleep had been so difficult
                                  finally rest had come
                                  all of heaven watched
                        as she curled up to the pillow, his pillow
                                  no one on either side
                                    made mention of
                              the tiny dark whiskers
                          or how they settled on her skin

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