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Here is a brief sample of the type of story I write.
                                                    Until I Get There
                                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ by roisin2k88

Alice Jenson was a bubbly, happy, girl who was interested in Shakespere, plays, romance and acting. Of Course, Alice only performed at the school Auditiorium infront of a mere one-hundred people. Alice had a passion for drama. She practiced plays that had been written by her beloved idol, Shakespeare. She even wrote some of her own. But then, little did she know, on the date of her sixteenth birthday she was going to go on a journey that she would not have imagined in her wildest, craziest dreams.
'Mother! I'm heading to school!' Alice shouted to the kitchen towards her mother.
It was a Saturday, very early in the morning. Alice's mother knew why she was going to school, on a Saturday. She was going to the monthly drama club meeting, where the club pitched idea's for a new play. Alice's mother knew that Alice was one of the very talented children in her class, something that Alice did not acknowledge. Alice's teacher also knew how talented she was. Alice had a gift. But so did her teacher. And she was planning something, out of the ordinary that would change Alice's life.
Find out what happens when I write the full story! This is just a sample!
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