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Rated: ASR · Sample · Fantasy · #1631714
Kristy finds that her daughter has vanished. Tells her Father.
"Daddy!" Kristy shouted as she barged into the impromptu meeting in the Oval Office. She did not care that the Senate majority and minority leaders were there. She did not care that the Speaker of the House was there. She did not even notice the other congresspeople or the Vice President, OR the three picks from her father's cabinet. But, she did look as stressed as a body could get.

"Kristy! Why aren't you getting Kismet ready?" Alexander asked.

"She's GONE! I checked all the bedrooms in the residence part, called her name right and left. Nothing. Mom and Grandma and Grandpa Blom went to the East Wing with a couple Secret Service agents to check there and Mavin and Grandma and Grandpa Bassett are searching the residence again! Where the hell did she go?"

"Don't ask me as though I know. I don't know how she could be missed with all of the people in this building. Surely, someone had to have seen an unattended eight year old!" Alexander was suddenly very worried, though he couldn't show just how worried he was.

"Why don't we all start asking the congressmen and women here. It's a start, really," Nathan suggested. "Maybe someone noticed Kismet. She's usually very tough to miss, in my experience. She's so outgoing."

"All right, let's go ask everyone if they saw her. It isn't as though they don't know what to look for. And we should check around the perimeter of this building, the gardens and so on. She might have wanted to play in the snow." Alexander was trying to remain completely calm.

"Good plan," Reginald had just walked in with Chloe in tow.
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