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A modern day, dark, true love - a rhyming poem.
The love of a woman who’s always a sitter,
Caring for men like a scarf needs a knitter,
May know that her man is never the quitter,
And not going to stray or ever be bitter,
Can use him for profit and quite a good match,
For he is a chick whose choice is to hatch!

The young men are live, while the old ones feel sad,
For destiny’s function will always be had,
Boy meeting girl, while good meets the bad,
Till both don’t dream big, and both become glad,
A punch in the nose, for heaven is lacking,
A state of affairs that’s only for shacking…

The giving of love means not taking away,
Any good fortune or luck in the play,
For any good woman will likely not stray,
When having good reasons to want and obey,
The man of their dreams who’s a flounder at heart,
A fish who has needs who must play his part…

He loves her with all of his skill and his tact,
The woman whom he could desire to attract.
She’s so committed and not about to detract
From his plans to live in a house in a tract,
But she could be cruel, and simply not bring
The Carnival cruise to her host with a ring…
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