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He saw Hitler’s UFO’s

His name was Otto Mayer and he claimed to be a distant cousin of the famous Louis B. Mayer of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) fame. Otto even claimed to have been the lead cameraman in several cinematic productions staring Clark Gable, Jean Harlow and even the renowned Buster Keaton. In reality, he was a cameraman; a very good one, but his only true claim to fame was as second place camera assistant in the film ‘Sweethearts’ with Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

His professional luck changed in 1937 when a friend of a relative in Germany got him an appointment to see Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. In the mid-1930s, the German film industry suffered the most severe crisis it had ever faced. Many of the most capable actors and film-makers left the country after the rise to power of the Nazi government; others had been banned by Goebbels, leaving a gap that the film industry could not easily fill. The remaining actors and filmmakers seized the opportunity to demand higher salaries, which vastly increased production budgets and it became more and more difficult to recover production costs. Producers, writers, film editors and cameramen became scarce.

Although Otto did not see Goebbels personally, he; along with his slightly exaggerated resume, was hired immediately at a very respectable salary. This was the biggest mistake he ever made. Although Otto spoke perfect German; having been born and raised in Berlin, he had been living in America as an immigrant for most of his adult life and was unaware of the brutality of the Nazi regime, especially towards the Jewish people… his people.

Otto worked on one successful Nazi propaganda film and immediately became disgusted with the false doctrine, fabricated history and Nazi arrogance. Rumors of the death and labor camps became so prevalent he knew he had to escape and somehow get back to America. In a desperate attempt to leave the country he was caught and immediately sent to Dachau Concentration Camp.

When Otto listed his profession he was taken aside by an SS officer to a special room where he was interrogated by General Reinhard Gehlen, a German Intelligence Officer. Otto became a cameraman for. Das Schwarze Korps, the newspaper of the Schutzstaffel, or Nazi SS. He was never sworn to secrecy because all knew what his ultimate fate would be. However, he was promised comfort, food and safety, none of which his Jewish friends were given.

Otto spent the first few months orienting himself to the confusing command structure of the SS and taking short films of German scientists working in their laboratories in Munich, not far from the Dachau camp. He was even fortunate enough to meet Doctor Werner Heisenberg, who had won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932. Rumor had it that Heisenberg and other scientists were allegedly working on an atomic bomb.

Otto’s duties eventually became so disturbing that he came near to losing his sanity. While at the Institute for Scientific Research for Military Purposes he was ordered to film Dr, Sigmund Rascher, a Luftwaffe medical officer, a Hauptsturmführer in the SS, and a member of the Ahnenerbe. Rascher was in charge of the Institute's experiments at Dachau, and was the first to request "test subjects", who were frozen in low-pressure chambers and vats of icy water, and then experimented upon with attempts to rewarm them using sleeping bags, boiling water, and intercourse with incarcerated prostitutes from the Ravensbruck concentration camp. Those who survived the experiments were shot. Rascher also had the skulls of "test subjects" split open while conscious to examine their brains. He was an evil man.

Nine months after his internment, Otto was driven under guard deep into the Bavarian Alps. He recognized two high ranking officers, SS-Gruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, and General Reinhard Gehlen among the leaders of the small convoy.

They were driven to a tunnel complex nestled deep into the mountains, which was protected by an Armored Panzer Division and a division of Special Mountain Forces. Once inside the expansive interior of the never-ending cave system, Otto was told that he would be producing film of a world shattering nature. He was ordered to have plenty of film on hand and was given an assistant, a Mountaineering soldier, to carry his heavy extra film.

Early the next morning, Otto, his assistant, General Gehlen and a company of SS Soldiers were transported by truck to a small valley near the bunker complex. It was a secluded location well hidden from most villages and far off the usual traveled routes.

Just as dawn was starting to break over the tranquil little valley, two saucer-like craft glided in and gently settled down. For a few moments nothing happened, then an opening appeared on both crafts.

The scene mesmerized Otto and Gehlen screamed at him to keep filming. Eight occupants emerged and attempted to communicate their peaceful intentions using some kind of mental telepathy.

Four of the occupants were short of stature, with large black eyes, and spindly bodies. Four from the other craft were human in appearance. One of the SS officers, fearing the aliens would take over their minds, ordered his men to gun them down. They were slaughtered where they stood, but one, a human like being, managed to survive.

The surviving alien was thrown into the back of one of the trucks, right next to Otto, and taken back to the tunnel complex. Otto was shaken but ordered to remain inside the bunker because he was to film the arrival of an important person.

Several days later Adolph Hitler arrived at the facility, and psychics were used to extract information from the alien through telepathic means, and in desperation, they used brutal force. The alien appeared to have the ability to influence a person's actions, their thoughts, and hypnotically produce amnesia. Hitler was shown photos of the underground research facility, and the alien crafts that were recovered. One craft had been completely disassembled for reverse engineering but the technology was too far advanced for the scientist to understand.

This event proved to be Otto’s life saving scenario. Throughout the rest of the war he was kept on hand to film experiments conducted by the Munich scientists within the deep recesses of the tunnel complex. While his Jewish friends suffered unparalleled horrors at the hands of Nazi mad men, he was warm, well fed, and treated as an equal by the soldiers and even some of the scientists. His American sense of humor and unlimited knowledge of the movie industry added to his stature and security.

Otto watched in amazement and curiosity as the scientists probed the mind of the alien, which had survived and even thrived on a pasty food substance made by the scientists through its direction.

He witnessed many remarkable scientific breakthroughs and advanced technology, which belonged in a Flash Gordon film and not reality. The Scientists learned to reproduce a variant of the flying disc, though not as efficient as the alien’s craft, and other remarkable military vehicles, weapons, and other devices.

Several years later Otto knew that the war was nearing its end and he also knew that the Nazi’s had lost the war. He heard rumors, but most rumors turned out to be true, that the prison guards were intentionally starving their prisoners to death or shooting them outright to save themselves from being identified for war crimes. He knew he had to escape or meet a similar fate.

The Mountaineering Troops, or Gebirgstruppen, were almost all from the Bavarian Alps and he had become very close friends with many of them. The soldier who had been assigned as his film bearer was a special friend and had hidden Otto in the mess truck and taken him to meet his family in a small local village.

In late April, 1945, the bunker complex was in an uproar. SS Obergruppenfuhrer; Dr. Hans Kammler, ordered all the scientists, their experiments, materials, and notes to evacuate. Everything was to be taken to a special location. All prisoners were to be shot.

Otto’s luck held up once again. He was smuggled out of the complex by several of his Mountaineering friends and taken to their homes and hidden from the SS death squads who were searching for prisoners, slackers and even deserters. When General Patton’s Armored Divisions rolled into the area, Otto was rescued and was recruited as an interpreter. His nightmare was over.

Word Count – 1,474

Author’s note: The atrocities committed by Nazi Dr. Sigmund Rascher are well documented and General Reinhard Gehlen, a Nazi Intelligence Officer, was recruited by the American CIA after the war to work against Soviet Intelligence. Galen described the scene of the alien craft landing in Bavaria Germany early in the war and swore he was a witness to the incident. Otto Mayer and his story is entirely fiction but based on these fantastic statements.

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