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The casting of dreams!!!...)o(
In the night I skate upon the symbolic ice of dreams
And in my wake I carve lines to the living enchantment of spirit
Metaphorically I become the colourful dragon of air merging within the black & white river of doubt
My wings the paradoxical riddle of profound knowledge forever they blow open the doors of change
And from this change my heart does fill with the wonders of love
Its song like the forest in hope it grows
Each leaf that descends a living thought within mankind’s mind
And to the ones who walk this land you shall receive an eternity of hidden truth
For to see beyond deaths veil the eyes must consume more than matter
More than memory and more than the comforts of normality
In essence you must also be consumed by the darkest of matter too
Become the circle and see the mesmerizing ice of destiny
For every angel is a demon and every demon an angel
All that divides the seeker is the mirror
Reflection but the key.

By Malcolm.E.Wheeldon

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