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by fyn
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Watching a loved one's mind being washed away.

Every shifting of the tide
changes shoreline, wears the rocks
moves the sands, erases footprints,
does this lunar king of clocks.

Boulders once, now grains of sand
sifting through a child's hand
as high above a seagull soars
watching bleakly changing shores.

Where once we walked the tidal pools,
exploring searching for lost gold
I see you wander now alone
as yet I watch; forever cold.

Times sands through the time we shore:
You do not know me anymore-
And yet you walk as walk we did
long before your memories hid.

Every shifting of the tide
steals pieces of your brilliant mind
scattered behind you as you walk
like cast off seashells left behind.

One day the tide will wash the beach
with you now far beyond my reach
and I shall walk the beach alone
wishing the waves could wash you home.
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