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a short take on Where the Wild Things are for the Flicker of Madness contest
Max had run away from home, run away from the place that caused him so much torment and the people who had done the same. He ran to the land of the Wild Things where everything was as it should be.

The Wild Things were hard to control. They had a blood lust that was not sated. Max, fortunately, was willing to please them. He could control them because he knew what they wanted. They wanted hatred and blood and Max wanted the same thing. He wanted to inflict torment because he himself was tormented.

He thought about taking the Wild things back to his home. He thought about the destruction and panic they would all cause. The beast in his belly growled and purred, pleased with this line of thinking and ready to carry it out.

He called to the Wild Things and told them his plan. The rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws and gnashed their terrible teeth. A huge roar went up in the forest and Max was pleased.

They sailed across a day and in and out of weeks and through a year back to Max’s very own bedroom. They ramapeged through his house, sending the screams of the living into the night. Max was a wild thing.

“I’ll eat you up,” he screamed. And he did.

The Wild Things gnashed their terrible claws dripping with blood and Max was pleased.
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