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...as I walk in the broken streets tonight, I thought, the hell with it let me try again.
I never thought I will be one of them who were hurt in the process of loving someone.  Realizations washed thru me as I remember him today. I realized I was just one of those hearts that learned to love at the wrong time. That love was free, it was easy and it broke me. I thought I won’t move on.  As it turned out, I’m a survivor. That chapter of my life showed me how strong a person I am. I faced the challenge of a broken heart with pure strength of will. One step at a time, I learned to heal myself. Eventually fate and time thought me strong and helped me forget the pain. Little by little the pain subsided replaced by a temporary state of bliss.

I know the peace will only be temporary and I thought once it’s gone I will be thrown back to the darker era of my soul. I was wrong. I remember him today while walking on the streets where we used to walk hand in hand. I was scared when the first memory penetrated my peace. I thought I will break piece by piece again. Wait for the pain I did but it didn’t come. What came is a sense of well being, of being able to love and be loved back though in a short time. Maybe it was the moon finally granting me good fate for taking good care of my broken heart and not being afraid to love again. Maybe it was the universe uniting to give me another chance to be happy. Or maybe it was the earthbound sun that stayed by my side and helped me through the dark ages. My own personal sun that brightened my day and kept me warm during my struggle to be free of the past.

The rest is up to me I guess. I was given a second chance at love. I was healed and freed from my painful past. My heart is beating on a newer generation of happiness. My personal sun, he got there first before he let me fall. All I have to do is let him catch me. And as I walk in the broken streets tonight, wind cooling my face, I thought, the hell with it, let me try again.

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