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What I love about Pride and Prejudice.
Merit Badge in Elizabeth and Darcy
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This is the most beautiful Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet MB so far *^*Heart*^*!


I wasn't a Jane Austen fan until a few months ago. My friend asked to me watch the movie: LOST IN AUSTEN with her. I love the Regency Times and literature so I watched the movie. I fell in love with it. A woman Amanda of modern times in England met Elizabeth Bennett in her bathroom and ended up trading places with her. Amanda's favorite book was PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and she was obsessed with the story and Mr. Darcy. Amanda had to learn to act like a lady of the 1800's. I love the Bennett daughters in Pride and Prejudice. They were sweet young ladies who tried to please their parents and act like society ladies. Mr. Darcy was a snob and he had money and felt the Bennett daughters weren't good enough to be in his circle or society. Elizabeth thought Darcy was a pompeous ass but they fell in love with each other any way. In the movie, Amanda got back to her own time and Mr. Darcy ended up following her. Amanda found Elizabeth who went back to her own time but she no longer wanted to live there. Her father had been injured and they were afraid he might die so that is why Elizabeth went back. Mr. Bennett made a full recovery and Elizabeth wanted to go back into the present and Amanda loved Darcy and wanted to be with him so she stayed in the past after they went back with Elizabeth. Amanda had lived and breathed PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and loved Mr. Darcy all her life so she felt she belonged in the past in the fictional PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

Why do I love PRIDE AND PREJUDICE? It is a love story. I am totally into love. England and the past intrigue me. I always felt like I missed something by living in the present. The dances, the fashions seem like a fun time. It would have been fun to be a lady of society and drink tea and play the piano. The dances have such neat steps. Jane Austen wrote this story in the time period she lived in. Jane had one sister but Elizabeth has four sisters. The Bennett's wealth was high middle class but they appeared to be in high society but their wealth was controlled by Lady Catherine and a Mr. Collins. Luckily, the Bennett girls got to marry men they loved not the Collins brothers. One of the brothers drank, one liked to play with his trousers and the other brother was pathetic as well. They were nerds to say the least. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Darcy draws us into the story. The man has mystery, charisma, is handsome and the man of every woman's dreams. Jane wrote about the man she would have liked to had for a husband. Her stories involve love and conflicts that kept the lovers apart. Jane's stories always had a happy ending. Jane's characters still live on. I recently read a book where Mr. Darcy is a vampire. A combination of Twilight and Jane Austen's handsome dream man. A vampire and Mr. Darcy. How can you lose? I like the book. It intrigued me and Mr. Darcy got a happy ending. So did Caroline Bingley when she married Mr. Darcy's cousin in another story I read. I think Jane would be happy to know her PRIDE AND PREJUDICE characters live on in 2010. I am sure she is smiling. I am writing a story where my friends and I go back into the past and meet Jane Austen. Jane, you, your stories and characters live in our hearts and the 21st century! That probably makes you the best author ever! Enjoy your fame!

Since I wrote this, I have reread the book of Pride and Prejudice. I watched Colin Firth as Darcy and he is the best Darcy. Elizabeth didn't fall in love with Darcy until she realized that he helped saved Lydia's reputation and he was sorry he convinced Charles Bingley to break up with Jane. He didn't want to be a snob like his Aunt Lady Catherine. Elizabeth changed him. Mrs. Bennett was loud and rude and wanted her daughters to marry up and coming men. I am happy Elizabeth and Jane married for love. I enjoy the balls in P&P and Lizzie's two younger sisters had a thing for military man and Lydia married Wickum. I would love to live at Pemberly. I watched 5 hours of P&P and this is better then 2 hours because like the book, you get the clear picture and how the story plays out frame by frame. I like that it is written this way as well. Jane lived in this era and was able to write stories like this. P&P is my favorite. I feel I could be part of this story. I can't get enough of this story. How many other books are still loved after 200 years?

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Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice Movie 1995
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