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Query letter to Shadows magazine to publish my story The Verdict

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March 14th 2010


Dear Mystic,

Subject: Query Letter for my item
 The Verdict  (E)
The impact of technology on indigenous lifestyles.
#1566377 by Prof Moriarty

Science and technological advancement has largely proved beneficial to mankind. But just like the other side of the coin, there is a flip side too. At times, a small minority has to pay the price for the larger good. Just like Abdul the fisherman, who is the primary protagonist of my story "The Verdict". This tale gives a poignant description of how modernity threatens the indigenous lifestyles of a group of fishermen in India.

It is a story which the readers of Shadows may not identify with because we will all fall largely on the side of the beneficiaries of advancement. But I am certain that they will all appreciate the tragic cost which someone will always pay in some corner of the planet for every convenience that we all enjoy. This 945 words story is a small tribute to those unknown faces who sacrifice so that we may all be comfortable.

I have a portfolio on writing.com which seems to have received a fair amount of traction from members. I am less than a year old on this site and already have the distinction of being conferred with the status of a Preferred Author.

Please email me for the full piece if you are interested in Verdict for your publication.

Thank you for your time.


Professor Moriarty
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