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Megan makes up with Mr. Austen.
Vicki smiled and hugged Gretchen. SHE HAD NO IDEA WHO GRETCHEN WAS! Vicki played along. "When did you ladies arrive? I have been expecting you. What happened?"

"Megan and Jennifer werre in an carriage accident. We were in the carriage behind them. I am sorry we didn't contact you sooner. We have been staying with Mrs. O'Rielly." Gretchen smiled and Vicki winked at her. Bill asked if the girls were going to be staying with them. Gretchen said she and Angel would be over to see them tomorrow and stay with them. Vicki told Megan that she lived three miles away from Jane and to go west past the woods and she and Bill were in the house next to the woods. Gretchen laughed. "Aunt Florence, we haven't forgotten where you live!" Good save! Jane had a funny look on her face and look confused but now she smiled. Megan hated all this pretense but how she could tell Jane that they were from the future?

Megan told Vicki that she would see her and Bill tomorrow. She wondered how they had gotten back into the past. Was Damon, Megan 's husband here , too?

Megan, Jennifer, Gretchen and Angel got in the carriage and Jane, her mother and Cassandra were in the other Austen carriage behind them.

"Megan, how do you know Vicki? I had to pretend she was Aunt Florence so as not to blow things. Your friend Vicki was cool with it. How did she get back into this time?" Gretchen asked.

"Vicki is a close friend of mine. We met on line. I just love her and Bill. I am glad she said she was your Aunt. I have no idea how she got back into this time frame. We will find out tomorrow."

Angel smiled. "Vicki is an on line friend of mine, too. She already knows me. Wow! This adventure gets better and better."

"Megan, are you sure Johnny Depp isn't here, too? Maybe he is Captain Jack Sparrow?"Jennifer looked mischievous.

"I wish. I think I will go get a ship and look for him on the seven seas. Maybe he will be here as The Mad Hatter or Edward Scissorhands." Megan looked like she was in Dreamland.

"You better not go into the woods and chase white rabbits and fall down a rabbit hole or we will never find you." Jennifer loved Megan's imagination.

Megan and Jennifer were back at Jane's and Gretchen and Angel said they would meet tomorrow at "Aunt Florence's."

Megan and Jennifer had tea with Jane, Cassandra and her mother.

"Megan, is Gretchen's Aunt Florence a friend of yours?" Mrs. Austen asked.

"Yes. I have been to Gretchen's house a few times and met her Aunt Florence."

"Is Aunt Florence a Nurse, too?" asked Jane.

"No. She writes poems." Megan sipped her tea. She was getting used to tea. Jennifer however, frowned every time she took a sip. Megan almost laughed but then Jennifer kicked her.

"Is everything alright?" asked Mrs. Austen.

"My foot went to sleep and I stretched and accidentally kicked Megan." Nice save. Jennifer drank some more tea and smiled.

Jane put her tea cup down. "Vicki writes poems? I am glad to meet more writers."

"Does she do art work?" Cassandra's eyes were all aglow.

"Some. She made a painting of cats once." Megan liked Cassandra.

"Angel loves to do art. She is going to paint flowers on tea cups and plates with me this weekend." Cassandra thought Angel was a Goddess of Art.

Mrs. Austen excused herself and said she was going to bed. The girls wished her a good night.

Jennifer and Megan decided to go to bed as well. They said good night to Jane and Cassandra.

Megan and Jennifer got into their rooms and Megan stradled to use the chamber pot.

"This sucks!" Megan's dress bottom fell in the urine. "If we have to be in this century, why couldn't our bladders and bowels stay in the present!"

"Megan, you would be in a lot of pain. Your eye balls would float and you would blow up like a volcano if you didn't go the bathroom!"

"Ha! Ha! We should get into bed. We have to go see Aunt Florence tomorrow. Are you going, Jenny Dear?"

"Sure. Right now, I have to empty the chamber pot and then I have to use it."

Megan yawned. "Be careful of the wild animals out there. Hey! If you run into Jacob and Edward, invite them in for a sleep over."

Jennifer laughed. "We will have to take turns. You already have a husband."

"I miss him. I hope he is doing alright without me. I want to go home someday."

"We will." Jennifer left to go outside with the chamber pot and Megan fell asleep. Luckily, Jennifer didn't find any wild animals or Jacob or Edward. What a pity.

Megan and Jennifer slept good. Megan was up first. She went into the kitchen and Mr. Austen was drinking a cup of coffee.

Megan wasn't happy. The man hated her. Mr. Austen looked at her. He bowed. Megan bowed back.

"How are you. Sir?"

"I am fine, young lady. Did you like the Opera?"

Yes, Sir I did. Have you had breakfast., yet?"

"No. I haven't seen Nancy, yet. Breakfast would be nice. What am I paying her for?"

"I will make breakfast." Megan went to get the eggs and bacon. Mr. Austen got some bread and Megan started cooking breakfast.

"Miss Megan, you cook? I guess you are more then a Nurse and writer."

"Yes, Sir. My husband builds carriages and I work, too. I cook. I believe in marriage, having a home and children but I would like to be my own woman. I would be bored just being a housewife."

Megan and Mr. Austen sat down to eat breakfast. Mr. Austen took a bite of bacon and eggs. He was surprised Megan could cook. "You know young lady. I misjudged you. You cook, go to operas, have a husband and son, and my wife and daughters like you, I guess I like you, too."

"Thanks, Mr. Austen. I like you, too. You let Jennifer and I stay here and we got off on the wrong foot, I would like to start over."

"Welcome to my home, Miss Megan or I guess I said say Mrs." Megan and Mr. Austen smiled at each other and clicked their tea cups together just as Jennifer, Mrs. Austen, Jane and Cassandra walked in.

"Well. this is more like it. My good friend Megan and my father getting along." Jane was pleased.

Mr. Austen looked at Jennifer. "We can over come our differences as well."

Jennifer smiled. "I would like that, Sir."

Mr. Austen told everyone to sit down. "Enjoy the breakfast Megan and I made." He turned to his wife and said: "I think we need to fire Nancy. Where is she?"

"She is sick, Dear with a cold. The girls and I will clean house today and make dinner. Megan and Jennifer are visiting Gretchen's Aunt Florence."

Megan and Jennifer had made peace with Mr. Austen. They hoped the rest of the day would go as well.

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