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by cass
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A short letter I wrote, nothing to do with hamburgers. Would appreciate comments
Dear hamburgers ,

This is a disclaimer to my futile (lack of) education & loss of inspiration. I've wasted my life wondering & wishing, waiting for ways I can make people care for me & see me as someone engaging. Am I anything to be admired? The way I see it, the mediocre intellect; the sporadic , yet compelling liar; the deviant bore , is nothing to like or applaud, yet that is basically all I have to offer. The lies that I have told you had at one time put a smile on your face...alas it gives me the right. Nice girls go to college & work hard to make their parents proud. I tried that shit once but to my dismay, Ive finally realized I've been nothing but a cable bill to my father since he moved onto a new family. His only concern in my life was merely the level of intelligence & state of my conformity falsely portrayed in letters & numbers on a piece of paper; A fucking report card. I truly believe public education is in many ways the process of invalidating human nature. Although, a tree of dichotomy; good & bad, much like everything else, in so many ways a hypocrisy. (And too interesting an issue in a letter to hamburgers.)

Not suprisingly tho, in my quest for affection... I failed. Still, I refuse to change the core of who I am & how my insane mind thinks. In many ways I appreciate my kind, humble, highly emphatical, thoughtful self , but what good is it to appreciate ones self? Whats the fun in that ? Id rather magnify & debase the cracks than try to see how fine I might look from a distance. Im a seeker of wisdom & erudition, a seeker of love, a seeker of meaning, a seeker of happiness , although , I fear I will one day realize I fail in all of that too.

I can relate to a hamburger with a hair in it.



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