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To comma or not to comma.

1. After they took their baths the elves were sprinkled with fairy dust.
Answer: After they took their baths, the elves were sprinkled with fairy dust.
Rule # 2 Introductory Adverbial Clause.

2. On Tension's vacation he went to see Niagara Falls the Grand Canyon and the Comma Museum.
Answer: On Tension's vacation, he went to see Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, and the Comma Museum.
Rules # 6 Introductory phrases and Rule # 5 Elements in a series.
I thought this sentence reads better this way: On his vacation, Tension went to see the Niagara Falls, the
Grand Canyon, and the Comma Museum. (interchanging the position of 'Tension' and 'his' and introducing the article before the Niagara falls.)

3. JoDe a New Horizons Academy student finished her assignments before she ate.
Answer: JoDe, a New Horizons Academy student, finished her assignments before she ate.
Rule # 4a Non-Essential Elements

4. The scruffy black dog ate Professor Moriarty's i-pod that he just bought.
Answer: Correct (I did wonder whether Rule # 3a is applicable but when I uttered the adjectives 'scruffy'
and 'black' in reverse order, it didn't sound alright to me.)
Rule # 3b Non-Coordinate Adjectives and Rule# 4c Essential Elements applicable to 'that.'

5. The tall army sergeant was decapitated when he entered the helicopter.
Answer: Correct
Rule # 3b Non-Coordinate Adjectives

6. Please put the plate smeared with Sherry’s birthday cake into the dishwasher before it draws flies.
Answer: Correct
Rule # 4 b Essential Elements

7 & 8. Tripping over his old blue rocking chair Everton spilled his drink. Nevertheless he rose with dignity.
Answer: Tripping over his old, blue rocking chair, Everton spilled his drink. Nevertheless, he rose with
Rule # 6 Introductory Phrases, Rule# 3a Coordinate Adjectives, Rule #3b Non-Coordinate
Adjectives, and Rule # 7 Introductory Transitional Words.

9. Dagnabit, Jessica dropped her novella on my foot and the weight of the pages broke my toe.
Answer: Dagnabit Jessica dropped her novella on my foot, and the weight of the pages broke my toe.
Rule # 8 Interjections and Rule # 1 Compound Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions

10. Winnie‘s brother who taught High School English for thirty years refuses to help her grade these comma
Answer: Correct
Rule # 4b Essential Elements.
This is a real cute hint! (Hint: Winnie has more that one brother.) *Smile*


Rule #1 - Compound Sentences With Coordinating Conjunctions (use commas)
Rule #2 - Introductory Adverbial Clauses (use commas)
Rule #3a - Coordinate Adjectives (use commas)
Rule #3b - Non-Coordinate Adjectives (don’t use commas)
Rule #4a - Non-Essential Elements (use commas)
Rule #4b - Essential Elements (don't use commas)
Rule #4c - Essential "That" Clauses (don't use commas)
Rule #5 - Elements in a Series (use commas)
Rule #6 - Introductory Phrases (use commas)
Rule #7 - Introductory Transitional Words (use commas)
Rule #8 - Interjections (use commas)

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