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sometimes the pain burns the tears from your eyes...
we sit and drink coffee
quiet tension finally gives way to speech.
yes, I hear what you’re saying,
nervously turning your cup.
we weren’t meant to be.
you’ve fallen out of love.
you’re leaving me.

well, I’m leaving too, I say.
I’ve fallen out of love as well.
it happened quite recently.

as you leave, my heart falls
into the hole you left.

damn you anyway.

i decide to go out to the only place
i know that always welcomes me,
but today it seems that
even this water doesn’t want me.

the waves crash against the rocks,
too lost in their own turmoil
to notice mine.

a gull cries out
a single note of warning.
i hear it before i feel it.
fast and free-falling
smashing into the rocks and sand
that surrounds me.

i lift my face to the sky.
i let the rain fall on my face
and cry for me.
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