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A Casablanca reflection on romance and modern day love affairs
    Speed Dating emails clog my inbox. Even my internet knows I haven’t had a date in a while. Leap frogging between the speed dating letters are the facebook notices “Somebody Clicked “Yes!” On you! Find out who”.  At eighteen, is this foreshadowing my entire dating career? I’ve barely started and the pathetic dating services have already tacked me onto their lists. Is love truly that hard to find?

  In the movies, like Casablanca, romance plays out on the screen as this sexual tension pulled to an almost breaking point.  Looks pregnant with longing stretch across Rick’s Café leading up to the stolen kiss in the heat of the Moroccan night between Bergman and Bogie pulls at the strings of the romantic’s heart.

  “Unfulfilled love is the most romantic” quote the great Woody Allen. What if you just like sex? Or love it?
Love the feeling of a strong body filled with muscle, longing, heat, and torque beside you in bed. Or love looking into his eyes, his deep, well-like eyes after making love to him? To feel his hands run smoothly along the curvatures of your body only to rest on the mountainous curve of your hip. To press your lips sweetly against his is sublime.
    Looking into those deep emotional eyes, I want to dive into them and wade in his thoughts. To converse over books we've both read, places we’ve been, places we want to go, our dreams and ideals for the future, to commiserate over dreams lost and fulfilled would be sublime. The journey to get to that point may be long. I am still discovering what it is that I value and want out of life. Are we supposed to know by eighteen what we want? What if what we think we want, we actually don’t want? Why is it that we are pressured to be “baby Einsteins” or the best at soccer, football, gymnastics or art? Why do we ‘need’ to learn logarithms in Algebra? Why do we need to follow in the footsteps of our predecessors and jump from the institutions of high school to college without skipping a beat?
    Is it that awful to deviate from the road most traveled? Are we a society so obsessed with financial and material wealth that we have forgotten the wealth of a moment shared with someone you love doing absolutely nothing? Have we forgotten the beauty of not knowing where the road of life may take you? Collectively as a group, we have gotten so used to living on a schedule. 7:30 am school begins, 2:30pm school lets out, sports start at 3pm... and so on. Our lives are planned out so that the element of surprise cannot possibly wiggle itself into a small gap if there is any between the carefully laid time bricks of our lives.
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