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Wishes, more wishes to come.

    Once upon a time, they say

    there was a little boy, so gay

    A magic penny in his hand

    in the wishing-well it did go.

  Not a splash nor a flash

    nor any sign of divine.

  How was he to know,

  that is not how it goes.

  It is not like the rain

  that falls on the plain.

  More like the dew

  in the morning sun.

  Shines like a diamond

  a flash of light – gone.

  A smile from someone

  in a moment to you .

  Laughter in the eyes

  from a loved one true.

  Words of thanks from

  strangers unknown.

  His girl's adoring ways

making her daddy's day.

Boys so bold and brave

holding onto dad's hand.

Blessings from gods

unknown, unasked for.

Waiting in a well

for a penny from above

was a frog – do tell.

It waits for the pennies

manna from heaven

to add to its cache.

To the giver it pays

a wish everyday

tho small to behold.

For more wishes

the boy has to be told

a penny is far too little.

Have to say, more wishes

are available to the

young and old.

It does need more pennies

and more belief,

more hard work.

Wishes are not free,

the truth is so bold.

*****This was prompted by a poem of redrocketricky ....which gave me the idea for this poem, thank you *****
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