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Mike and Jennifer have a Cook Out.
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The Cook Out.

Mike and Jennifer sat on the tailgate over looking the Wisconsin River. Behind them in the pick-up box was a mattress. They were eating burgers and the grill was smoking next to the truck.

“This was a good idea,” said Jen. She handed him a napkin. “There’s mustard on your face.”

He wiped. “How’s that?”

“You got it,” she answered.

He belched.

“You’re gross,” she said laughing. “What would you like for dessert?” In the cooler were some beers and ice cream.

“A Fur Burger,” he replied..

“You know,” she answered, pensively, “you might just have to settle for that. It’s my fertile week.”

“You always have an excuse, don't you?”

“You want me to get pregnant…is that what you want?”

“I got a rubber.”

“Yeah! Right! Probably from the same pack you used last weekend…remember how it came off inside me?”

“I need you Honey.”

“And I need you too,” she said softening. “but it won’t be long ‘til Graduation and I don’t want the whole school saying we had to get married.”

“So how about a blow job?”

“That’s what I’m thinking, but you have to do me first.”

“Your momma, smells like a fish…”

“You’re so gross. For someone who’s been sucking it for three years, I would have thought you’d be getting used to it.”

“I do it because I like watching you pop off.”

“You know, you don’t have to talk that way…you could try being a little more romantic.”

“Yes Princess Leah..., How about with some ice cream on top?”

"What a charming idea."

She unsnapped her blue jeans letting Mike pull them over her ankles. Then she took off her panties and tossed them over to him. He took the fabric pressing it into his face, gobbling like a turkey.

“If you’re going to start acting like a fool,” she warned, “we can stop right now.”

He unbuckled his belt. In short order he was naked from the waist down.

“Spread your legs you little twit,” he said teasing, ”while I show you how a man eats pussy.” He took the carton of ice cream and put a dollop on her vagina. Her thighs yawned and he buried his face in the soft folds of flesh. Jennifer had a bulburous clitoris that poked out with a brown nub. Mike took it and began to play. Her excitement began flowing into his mouth. It was thick, and viscous and mixed with vanilla, tasted of pure lust. It was cold and gooey but retained that musky aroma and kept the sticky texture. It definitely made an "acquired taste" more satisfying and giving Jennifer oral sex drove her absolutely wild. His lips nibbled and tongue darted in and out. She kipped her shoulders and arched her back, groaning.

“Slide around,” she coaxed breathlessly exhorting with her hands. He pivoted like a wrestler, until his erection dangled above her mouth. He took the carton and scooped a dab onto the tip. Grabbing his buttocks she reached with her lips. His cock oozed, smelling like vanilla flavored dookey. She took him deep. With a squish the creamy melt dribbled down her cheeks as she worked the vacume back and forth. His hard sinew tasted like Baskin Robbins. A rivulet of sperm oozed down the length and dripped into her throat. My goodness! how she loved sucking him off, while he gave it right back. It had taken practice but she could synch her come with his. As the rush began to build she backed off and focused on the business end. Her head began nodding as her lips jerked his foreskin and her tongue slid back and forth beneath.

Between her thighs she felt his whiskered cheeks and the sexing of his mouth. His tongue curled working her womanhood like a surrogate penis. His lips closed tight on her clitoris and his face began a to jerk spastically back and forth.

As they took each other over the edge, semen squirted and the rush came hot. An organism surged through her womb and began spreading, leaving a tingle in every nerve and fiber. “Oh my gawd,” she cried arching her back and swallowing. He withdrew turning about, kissing her long and passionately. For a time they lay spent until Jennifer recovered and sat up.

“Hand me a beer,” she told him. “I need to get this taste out of my mouth.”

“I was about to suggest the same thing,” he replied.
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