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by Flamer
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Twins, Zeek and Zea, find themselves captured and many secrets are told.
“Hey Zea, hurry up! We have to go soon” yelled Zeek through the bathroom door.
“Sorry but I need to put my make up on and moisturise!” I replied.
“Well you know that the festival starts soon! We can’t miss it, we are the second act!”
“Okay, okay, calm down, I’m nearly ready.”

I walked out of the bathroom and into my room to grab my bag and get dressed, Zeek, my twin brother, was waiting for me. When I got dressed in my black skirt, my long black top and my knee-length black boots, I walked out and saw that Zeek was already dressed in his black, ripped jeans, a black shirt and a black collar-like necklace with studs on it.

“I’m finally ready so let’s go,” i said to Zeek.
“Yay, finally, how long does it take for girls to get ready? Far out,” Zeek replied.
“Ha-ha very funny, lol... NOT,” I snapped as we walked out the door. Hmmmm... One day I should write a book on how this day will go, I thought, I think that something strange is going to happen for some reason, something big might happen here in Melody.

It takes a while to get to the festival but on the way, Zeek and I practice our music a bit. We are singing and dancing to a few songs at the festival on the main stage in Melody’s Oval. Oh and i forgot to mention that the town that me and my brother live in is called Melody, it was called so because of an old legend that no one remembers as it isn’t told anymore.

“Ah you two are here! Why are you guys late?” asked Simon, the festival planner.
“Sorry but girls take a very long time to get ready,” replied Zeek.
“Oh shut up Zeek” I snapped at Zeek.
“Ah, do not worry, you are not that late but you have to go on stage in ten minutes” Simon stated.
“Thanks, we will go check out the rest of the festival for a little bit, bye!” I said
“Bye guys, remember! Ten minutes! S’later” Said Simon.
“S’later” Zeek said.

We walked around and tried to find my friends, Ciara and Zane. After five minutes we found them.

“Hey guys!” I said.
“Sup Zea” Replied Zane.
“Hi Zee” Replied Ciara.
“Hey, when are you on stage?”
“In five minutes, so we better get back, S’later!” I said
“S’later!” They both said at the same time.

Zeek and I start walking back and by the time we are back, we have only 2 minutes. Okay, be calm, breath, I thought, nothing bad will happen, it’s not like I’m going to fall of stage or anything, crap, what if I do? “And now ladies and gents, our youngest performers, both aged thirteen, will come out and be our main musicians!” said the man on the stage.
We walked out and grabbed our electric guitars, and then we went up to the microphones.

I started my singing part,
“Now you’re gone you’re on to the next one
This time I’ve got to live without you,
That’s just the way it has to be
This time I’ve got to live without you
Whoa and you’re on to the next one!”
As the song finishes after about four minutes, the crowd goes wild and the energy is insane. But now Zeek has to sing a song called ‘Ashely’, here he goes:
“Like the brightest star you shine through
Ashley baby you make me feel so alive
I’ve got purpose once again yeah, yeah
Ashley baby you make me feel so alive
I’ve got purpose once again yeah, yeah
I’ve got purpose once again!”
After a while the song finishes and then a person in a long, dark robe with the hood over their face walked up near the stage.
“Zeek, they... that person... they seem familiar... i... I have seen them in a... a dream... Be careful of –“I whispered to Zeek but the person jumped on stage and grabbed us in the blink of an eye, and then... nothing.

I woke up and I couldn’t move, I was on something like a table but it was stone and I was strapped down by rope.

“Zeek? Zeek are you here?” I said. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear something.
“Hello little girl, sorry but your brother isn’t here, mwahahahaha...” said an evil voice out of the darkness.
“Who’s there?!” I asked
“Its only me, the person from your dreams... Endon...”
“But those were just dreams...” I replied. I am scared out of my wits.
“You know so little Flame Wielder...”
“Flame wielder?”
“Yes Flame Wielder... You are one and so is your brother...”
“Zeek? Where is he?” I demanded
“Ha-ha he is not here... And you shall not find him... As you shall die here tonight... Mwahahahaha”
“Die? Why? What did I do?”
“You are a Flame Wielder, most feared and capable to stop something that is coming... You and your brother are to strongest yet...”
“What the hell is a Flame Wielder?”
“Sorry but you will not live long enough to care...” the voice faded.

What is a Flame Wielder? I don’t even know what that is, I thought, and I have to die? WAIT, DIE? A sudden rush of fear flooded through me, and so did a lot of questions. A while pasted and I heard something coming, running feet...

“Zea? Zea! I found you!” yelled a familiar voice.
“Zeek? What is happening? How did you escape?” I said with relief that he was alive.
“No time to explain, I’m going to cut the rope that’s keeping you down, and be quite! They might hear us!”

I went quiet and let him cut the rope, when i was free, I could see what was around me. The walls were stone and there was a girl with Zeek...

“Who are you?” I asked the girl.
“My name is Cynthia and I was sent here to help you” She replied
“She cut my ropes and set me free, now we must go, we will explain when we are out of this cave” Zeek said.

We started to run, but then some men in dark armour came around the corner, they saw us. They came running but for some reason Cynthia started singing...
“Take my place but look inside,
trying to find a place to hide, hide,
Lost my faith but don’t you cry
I got a hole inside and its 10 miles wide”
And then the guards were yelling out.
“Where did they go?”
“What? They were just there!”
“Far out we can’t find them!”

“Why can’t they see us? We are right in front of them!” I asked Cynthia
“All songs are spells, magic, and only The Music Flame Wielders can control it, the song i just sang was one that turns you invisible and they cant hear us either” She replied.
“How do you do that?” Zeek asked.
“Later, right now we must go before the spell stops working!”
She then grabbed Zeek and I and started running again. After a long time of running i could barely run anymore but luckily I saw a bright light at the end of the dark cave.
“That light!” I said.

We all started sprinting for the light of the sun. When we were out, we were surrounded by tall green grass, flower beds full of roses and trees that were very tall and full of nature.
“Where are we?” I asked.
“This is the meadows of Melody, but the only way here is if you can control the Music Flame.”
“This Music Flame...” I said
“What is it?” Zeek and I said at the same time.

“The Music Flame... It is a special thing inside certain people, these people are descendants of the people of Melodic Witches and Wizards. Surely you have heard the legend?” Cynthia asked.
“No we haven’t, what is this legend?” I said.

“The legend of Melody... It begins with a few witches and wizards in the ancient days. There spells are sang in songs that they make up and add the power of the Music Flame to. They were also known as the Flame Wielders and there are still some around now. Anyway, one day they came across a small town without a name. The people of that town were respectful to the witches and wizards. They then let them name the town. They named it Melody. They enchanted Melody and it became a magical place full of music. But one day at a festival... They were attacked by the Darke Knights, they hated music, magic, and all thing that were beautiful. They were outrun by the Flame Wielders and there songs. Some new songs were made and used against them. The Darke Knights fell but the leader, Endon, escaped and fled. Then the Melodic Witches and Wizards kept there magic abilities to themselves. It was predicted that Endon shall return with a larger army and plan to bring us down.” Cynthia said.

“Whoa, wait... Endon? That is what the persons name was when he visited me and he called me a Flame Wielder too...” I said
“Yeah he said that to me as well...” Zeek said.
“Are you two twins?” Cynthia asked.
“Yeah, why?” Zeek said
“Finally! I have found you! Yes there was a prophecy about twins with names of Z! And i believe that is you!” Cynthia cried out with pleasure.
“What prophecy?” I asked
“The prophecy goes, that a young boy and girl, twins, will arise to defeat the Darke Knights and the knight shall not return. Finally they will be stopped!” Cynthia explained.
A prophecy... It can’t be us, surely, I thought, but then maybe it can...

“Okay, sing a song with all your heart” she said
“why?” I asked
“because you will be able to do a spell, go on, sing anything” Cynthia urged.

So I started singing.

“Its getting late, I'm making my way over to my favourite place
I got to get my body moving, shake the stress away”

Next thing I know, we are all near the river, just outside the town.
“what the? How did we get here?” Zeek said.
“so this is your favourite place Zea? Well done, you did a spell” Cynthia praised.
“wow it... I... I did it!” I exclaimed with joy.
“yes, so now... Wait! I can hear them... The Darke Knights are coming! I can hear there chanting!” Cynthia yelled.
"Chanting? What?" Zeek said
"Shut up and get moving!" Cynthia snapped.

We ran as fast as we could to the town, and many people were running and screaming, but some were singing and casting spells, so there are still many Melodic Witches and Wizards around.

“Okay, both of you, you must sing and you must sing strongly! What song shall we sing to stop this war?” Cynthia asked nervously.
“What about... What about ‘This War is ours?” i stumbled
“Great! Okay now all together now” Cynthia said

So we started singing as strongly as we could:

“Yes I will see you! Through the smoking flames!
On the front flames of war! And I will stand my!
Ground until the end! Till we conquer them all!”

We sang on as strong as we could, all that could hear us on our side, there magic became stronger and deadly. Many more knights fell to the ground. But then Endon came out from no where and tried to grab me, but Zeek held strong and started singing:

“It’s my time! This is just a declaration!
All my pride! We wont back down!
It’s my time! This is just a resignation!
For all my life! We wont back down!”

Endon was getting weaker but still had a hold on me so Zeek changed song back to ‘This War is Ours’ and Endon weakened just enough for me to sing but the song was only just made.. By me:

“as the prophecy flows, the knights will fail
The darkness will be gone and the music comes home
You wont win, your not that strong,
As the power of sound is fast enough fast enough
Strong enough to bring you all down!”

Then Endon was on the ground and i was realised, it worked. As soon as he was down, he died and the Darke Knights are gone... Forever.

After we all cleaned up of the dead knights, a festival is thrown and the Music Flame is returned and not hidden anymore.

“Zeek, Zea and Cynthia... You three have saved us all and we thank you for returning our magic and restoring our long-lost strength. Please accept these Master Flame Wielders robes and you shall be respected in this world forever” Said Simon who happened to be the elder of the Melodic Witches and Wizards as he is quite old.

“We accept, Thank you” we all said as we put on the black and electric blue robes. We were also given staffs that increase our singings power.

“Whoop! Go Zeek!” yelled out Ciara.
“Whoop! Go Zea!” yelled out Zane.
"Hey Zeek," I whispered in his ear, "I think Ciara likes you, you two should get together."
"What? Well... Maybe... Um..." Zeek stumbled, "Well then, It sounds like Zane likes you so why don't you to get together aye?"
"Hmmm... Maybe, wink wink" I replied.

Wow, this is a pretty good story, I wonder if I should write it in a book or something, hmm... And I could call it Music Flame!

The End
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