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A contest Entry for Excite When You Write. Using all the senses
WC 1996

The Camping Trip

After graduation Mike and Jennifer decided to go on a camping trip. Neither of their parents were thrilled with the prospect, thinking they should get married first, but the two youngsters insisted on having some time together before they made any decisions about long term living arrangements. So they loaded up his pickup with a tent, some sleeping bags, a camp stove and stopped by Wal-Mart and bought some groceries. Then they set off on their great adventure. They went over to Pine Lake Methodist Camp and rented a camp site. The tent had four corners which aligned with the pickup bed and a curved tube frame that supported the top. In the truck bed was a well used mattress. Once the tent was pitched, they got the grill and cook stove fired up and set about making supper.

Jennifer made Chicken Noodle Soup. She did a great job boiling the water and Mike complimented her on what a great cook she was. He held a spoon under his nose sniffing and blowing as he let it cool. Jenny beamed. Not bad, she thought, for someone never allowed in the kitchen. Emboldened, she made some peanut butter sandwiches. She must have spread it just right because Mike swore they were the best sandwiches he ever tasted. They washed the meal down with a couple of Point Beers. Mike put his sign in the front window that said, “If the truck starts rocking, don’t come knocking.“ Then they crawled inside the box and up onto the mattress.

“I love you Jenny.”

“I love you too.”

They embraced and started to make out. She tasted like Colgate toothpaste and Dentyne chewing gum. He moved down along her neck breathing heavy while he nuzzled and tickled. She began to squirm, laughing and pleading. He grabbed her chin and started to give her a hickey.

“Please don’t,” she pleaded, “Please don’t do that to me.”

He relented and Jennifer put an end to the session. “When I say quit tickling that’s what I mean!”

“Sorry,” he said, apologetically.

“I’ll forgive you this time but before we go any further, we could both use a trip to the showers.”

“Why you smell just fine.”

“…And you smell like an Amish farmer.”

“That bad huh?”

“Yeah that bad… Get a change of clothes. I’ll be right behind you.”

Mike opened his suitcase and grabbed some clean shorts, tee shirt and underwear.

“Don’t forget your shaving kit and tooth brush. And put on some of that aftershave I like.”

“All right all right, not so loud, you want the whole camp to hear you.”

“You put that nasty sign up in the window and you’re worried what people might think….right! Give me a break.”

“OK OK he muttered.”

“A little deodorant too…some of that Old Spice.”

He was halfway to the Public Facilities and she was still giving him instructions. Glad she didn’t bring the bull horn, he thought.

Jennifer opened her suitcase and took out the nighty she had purchased at Victoria’s Secret. Into her tote bag she put her flip-flops, hygiene products and a bath robe, and set off behind him.

It didn’t take Mike long to shower, shave and put on some clean clothes. He smelled good with just a dab of cologne, however, he went generous under the pits with Original Formula, Old Spice. Taking a seat on the tail gate he waited for Jenny to join him. It seemed to him she was taking an inordinate amount of time. At length she walked out of the Facilities with her hair in a towel and wrapped in a terry cloth bath robe.

Mike reached over and kissed her cheek as she walked up. “You sure do smell good,” he told her.

“Before you start getting any ideas we need to put one of the sleeping bags over that stained mattress.”

“What stains?”

“Blood stains, semen stains. urine stains; do you want me to circle them all with a magic marker?”

“No! I’ll take your word for it…no need for anybody getting stressed out. Unzip my bag and I’ll make a pad for it.”

When they finished making the pallet, Mike stepped back and smiled.

“We make a great team, don’t you think?” It was their first domestic task as a couple and Jennifer was still not satisfied.

“I brought some sheets,” she told him. “Let’s put them down next.”

“This is a camping trip for heavens sake, we don’t need sheets.”

“If you want me to crawl in there with you then we’re going to have sheets.”

“This is dumb,” he grumbled audible enough to be overhead. She gave him a dirty look. “Not that I’m complaining,” he amended. They spread the sheet and tucked it underneath.

“Now the top one,” she continued, throwing him one with a bright flowery print. This time he gave a forced smile. When he finished she crawled in with him and turned down the bed. “Pull up the tail gate,” she ordered.

“Is it always going to be like this with you?” he inquired.

“If you want us to get along, you had best work at making me comfortable. She crawled between the sheets and took off her robe. Jenny looked very sexy in her night gown.

“Are you going to take off those hot blue jeans?

“Yes mama.”

“Now crawl in here next to me.”

She lifted the coverers and he saw the thong. The sight of that thick tuft of pubic hair set his heart to racing.

“I feel like this is our honeymoon,” he whispered.

“This is a very special night. It's our first together as a real couple.”

“What were all those other nights?”

“Practice…to see if we were compatible.”

“Were we?”

“They earned you a try-out….are you still wearing your socks?

“Yeah, so what?”

“You don’t wear your socks to bed…where were you born anyway, in a barn?”

“No I was born in the house on the kitchen table. My Uncle did most of the delivery until the Doctor showed up, drunk…My Dad couldn’t bear to watch. Uncle Jake said it was like delivering a young bull…”

“That’s enough…it was a rhetorical question… Why don’t you take your underwear off while you’re at it.”

Mike replied, “And why don’t you take that top off so I can see your boobs better.”

“I was thinking maybe you could help me.”

He helped pull her top off and her breasts spilled out. Jennifer had “Mammas” the size of grapefruits. Centered on dark areola were two upturned nipples. He reached out touching first one font and then the other. Then he began to knead them gently back and forth. She laid back with a sigh and Mike began to suck her breasts. They had a salty taste and grew hard. Jenny loved it when he nursed and wondered what it would be like to have a baby doing the same thing. She responded, pulling his head closer.

“My gawd, I love it when you do this.”

“Is this your breeding day?” he asked

“My what?”

“Your breeding day, Don’t you know when that is?”

“I know when my fertile week is but I never heard of a breeding day.”

“There, you see? You don’t know everything, do you? I guess the Health Nurse didn’t tell you about that when she showed you that Mickey Mouse Movie.”

“What Mickey Mouse Movie?”

“Come on, I know what that movie was all about. Remember in the fifth grade when they sent the boys outside to play softball and the girls got to see “The Movie.“

“How do you know bout that?”

“My sister told me in the milk house…says it works the same in a woman as it does in a cow.”

“How’s that?”

“Breeding day is smack dab in the middle of the cycle. That’s the day a woman gets hot and bothered and starts craving the hose.”

“I never heard that…plus I don’t think its quite the same with humans. With a woman there is a range of days, not a specific one”

“Well that’s what Uncle Jake told me and he knows plenty about women and cows both. Before he finally got married we used to watch him hold auditions when the young girls came around.

“Who’s we?”

"My sister and I…Then when Millicent got a little older she stopped watching…called me a pervert. But before she turned thirteen she laughed right along with me, before she lost her sense of humor.”

“You’re kidding about a “Breeding Day…aren’t you?”

"I swear, Uncle Jake told me it’s the day in the middle of a menstrual cycle when women start acting horny crazy, not PMS crazy, horny crazy.


"A woman’s body knows, Jake used to tell us. And when one comes at you out of the blue you can bet its “Breeding Day.“ He swore it don’t matter how old they are or whether they’re dried up or not…it’s the day they’re meant to be bred and a woman has that day about every month until she dies.”

"I’m starting to feel horny crazy just listening to you and I just got over my period. We can have all the fun we want…but will you…”

“Suck you off? Have I ever let you down? Maybe you could give me one of your patented blow jobs at the same time.”

“They’re just a different expression of love.”

“That’s not what I tell everybody… I say if there was a Blow Queen contest at Central High you’d be the kneel down favorite.”

“You;re teasing, and I’m in no mood for joking…Hurry Mike, please hurry..”

He reached down and tore the tong down over her thighs and ankles. Then he moved his face down between her legs and opened her soft tissues with his fingers. Then he lowered his lips onto the blossom and began to suck. As he did he began sliding his tongue in and out. She began squirming about and moaning.

“Spin around,” she said, “Spin around.”

He pivoted his midsection a hundred and eighty until his erection dangled over her mouth. She took his hips and opened wide as he lowered himself sliding the shaft deep into her throat. It used to be that she’d gag but with practice had learned to leave enough room to breath and suck at the same time. She began slurping as he continued to work her vagina with his mouth and lips. She smelled musky and her excitement had a viscous texture. Soon he felt himself beginning to come and he pulled out.

“Stick it too me!” she pleaded, moaning loudly enough to be heard across the camp ground. “Cut the kid stuff and give me the rod!” She reached down beckoning urgently with her hand. Taking the girth she pulled as he scooted forward. The head slipped easily into her lathered opening and he drove it deep. Then he drew it back and did it once more. She arched her back.

Then he began stroking in and out, slowly at first but increasing the tempo as she captured his rhythm. As he came off she spread her legs and as he thrust, she clutched her sphincter squeezing. The sensation was delightful, and the tension between his girth and her sheath was friction delight. Faster and faster they moved, and then she started groaning. It was primordial, deep and loud and it harkened back to a primitive past. She moaned louder and then stiffened kipping her shoulders. Mike thrust deep one last time and exploded. Her nails dug into his back and she began to quiver in orgasmic spasms. He held her wrists to the mattress as she thrashed beneath him. One followed on the heels of the next as she gyrated. Finally, having spent themselves, they collapsed into each others arms.

“I love you so much,” she said.

“You are one sweet Honey,” he replied.

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