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We are the ones who lurk in the dark.
The dark is the light for me it shows the truths and sides of things that only we can see. Love and lust for the fear that we see in your eyes as we watch you shake and quiver your whole body. We watch you for a few nights we love to just stare at you like that. Our hearts beat faster each night as it gets closer to the last night before you meet us. As we stare at you we wonder what you are thinking about in the dark woods. We guess you are wondering  what creatures and things are out there with you like snakes,bears and  maybe a fear of a werewolf or vampires. The last night is here and our hearts are beating so fast and the lust for you is making our blood move faster in us that arouses us to a higher level of creation than anything else on earth. We move closer to you and we see that you are cold and shivering a little from the dark windy air out here. We go in for the end to the love lust that we have been planning for days.  I sneak up behind you and go in for the bite to which love begins and ends for us. my heart stops beating and I back up and let go of you and then I notice that I've been stabbed with a stake in the heart from behind I turn around to see who it is a little girl with a smile on her face. I ask one question to the girl why? She says to save my mommy which I have done so good bye vampire you are dead and me a little girl killed you haha.
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