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A creature stalking it's prey.
The monstrous creature stood upon the roof of the cathedral, glaring at its prey. The creature’s rough but luscious hair seemed to shimmer under the moon light. The night time sky was dark and cloudy, and foreshadowed death. The dark grey clouds seemed full with rage. The cathedral stood proud in the center of the town. The town was surrounded by a clutter of trees and a never-ending forest.

The creature noticed movement and its eyes darted towards its prey. The creature’s black and yellow eyes darkened, revealing an unquenchable rage. Its snout smelled the cold night air. It smelled of death, a death sweet as a decaying rose. The prey moved farther away. The creature’s muscles tensed, ready to pounce. It started to drool, anxious for its kill and maddened by its hunger. Its fangs protruded, revealing tools sharper than any human weapon. Its claws shot out, ready to tear into flesh and bone.

The prey moved. At once, the creature pounced down from atop the cathedral and lunged towards the prey. The creature’s claws sank into flesh and ripped its way through bone. The creature uttered inhumane sounds as it ravished its kill. The creature stood and from its jaws hung a disfigured human corpse. Satisfied with its kill the creature looked towards the sky, mesmerized. And with incomparable feeling it howled a howl of pain, of joy, and of agony. But its only reply was the cool London air.
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