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Williams beginning, start of the story. let me know what you think...
Once upon a time there was a little village.
People 'round here had named it Oak, after the largest oak tree anyone for miles and miles around had ever seen, was growing in the middle of the village.
You might even think that the town was built around the tree, but that was only speculations from some of the old ones.
This could not be proven as both the tree and the village were ancient.

William was lying in one of the many meadow's leading in to the village, gazing up at the bright blue sky, daydreaming as ever.
Today he was imagining he was a powerful wizard, more powerful than the old ones in the village even. He could save the young Queen from the evil sorceress Stefania and rule the kingdom of Abhirati. He was the greatest hero in a century. Even greater than Mika.
Mika was william's oldest brother. He was a guard in the village and a great hero to William. To everyone else though, Mika was just a guard...

William squinted his eyes at a cloud, making it look like a sword. He lifted his hands up towards the cloud and pretended he was holding it, ready to defeat any terrible foe Stefania would send after him...

"William!" Him mother yelled with all her might. She was used to the fight she normally had to put up, to get him to come in.
"I'm coming mother" - William snapped out of his day dream by one of his mother's famous screams, he rolled over on to his stomach and got to his legs. looking over the hill towards their house on the outscirts of the village. His mother waving him in as she saw him.

Their house was one of the smallest ones in the area, but to them it was one of the most wonderful buildings. It was their home.
The thatched roof and the brick chimney placed on white rendered lime walls, with a light string of smoke coming out to meet the fine day sky. William was very interested in buildings as this was what his father was doing, and what he would some day be doing. Building homes for all the wonderful people of Oak village.

William was the youngest of his family, his two older brothers had already moved in with their own families, but they all lived in Oak, so they saw eachother almost every day.
His father was one of the few builders in Oak, Alec White. Alec had, had a simple life. And he would not have wished to do anything else. He married his first girlfriend Mia and started working in the family business. The middle brother was also working in the family business with his father.
Mia was a stay at home mom, their family was not poor and if the lady of the house was working it was a symbol of great dishoner on the husband. Mia was always very glad to have something to do, and now only William was left to care for. He was too old to live at home anylonger, but because he could never get his head focused on one task for long he had not finished his schooling yet. William was today nineteen summers old.

Freshly made bread filled William's senses when he entered the livingroom. He loved his mother very much as she always made the home smell like fresh flowers or good food. He walked over to the wooden chair by the hearth.
"Your father will be here soon" Mia said as she busied herself in the kitchen.
a soft glow emanated from the fire,
"I think i've made my choice mom" he said, sitting down into the chair as it creaked.
"oh?" -Mia sounded, distraught.
She was making a large dinner for the special day and was in the middle of a very complex part of the cooking. If she burned the casserole it would destroy the whole taste, so she had to keep stirring constantly while also making sure the bread was not falling in on itself and using the pestle and mortar to make the special mix that William liked so much.

"I wish to ..."

< I will continue this story at a later point, now im going to see what you guys think, any help would be greatly appreciated. >
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