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by Mikey
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continuation of the story about Gabriel

I was standing in a room bathed in light. There were no textures or a shadow in sight. I might even be outside as I could not see any walls.
I was unafraid as I felt the peace emanating from the place.

“Hello Gabriel” A regal voice answered from everywhere and no where. It was like the voice was coming from inside my own head and from the air around me.
“Do not be afraid Gabriel”

“Am I dead?” I feared the answer I would get but I had to know. Had the ambulance not been able to pick me up? I was standing in this room and as I remembered I looked down at my right leg.
There were no sign that this leg had ever been broken.

“No dear Gabriel” The voice laughed the question off as he continued. “You are in the hospital at the moment.” “I am sorry you had to experience the pain you have been through tonight”
“So this is a dream?” I did not understand. I was feeling wide awake and aware of everything.
“No,  I am sorry to have to break this to you but you are neither dreaming nor dead.”  His voice made me feel warm and comfortable. It had a soothing character to it that didn’t make me question my sanity at the moment. Of course I was dreaming. I looked up and smiled.

“The doctors are fixing you up and while you are unconsious I feel that this is the best time to talk to you Gabriel.”
“I hear you speak my name but I am sorry, I don’t believe I know who you are?” I asked, amused at my own ignorence in my imagination.
“I am your… God father for the lack of a better word.”
“My god father?” I was fairly certain I had never had a god father. I had a god mother, which was my grandmother, but as my mother had left my father before I was born, I thought it impossible to have a god father on that side of the family and there were no living members of my family on my mothers side that were male.
“When you were born your grandmother asked us to help you.. Help you as much as we can” he sounded like he was searching for the words. “And we did as she asked.”
“What did she ask of you?” – How was it possible that this was a dream? I had no idea what the voice was going to say. I was actually surprised at the answers.
“She wanted us to look after you and to help you. I blessed you with second life, so if you should ever die before your time, you would get a second chance at it.” “And I was very proud of myself for thinking this far ahead” his voice sounded like he was smiling.
“So you are saying I died? So I am dead then?”
“No, as I said. You are not. You were dead for a very short time. You were indeed killed by the men in the alley, and we could not return you to your body until after…They were finished.”

I did not know how to take this information. I had found it strange that the men had left me after they had told me that they would kill me. But I was unable to think clearly with the pain in my body. I was too focused getting to safety and to live, that I had not considered if I was just lucky.
“The reason why I am telling you this now, Gabriel, Is that there were other things we blessed you with and you need to be prepared.” – “in the event that the first life would be ended we all gave you a purpose”

An outline of a man was appearing in the distance infront of me and walking towards me.

“You are only fifteen years old Gabriel, but soon you will know that this is not just a dream” he was closer now and I could see his shape more clearly. The voice was coming less from the area and more from the man now.
My leg was beginning to pain again too. I was gaining consciousness.
“I am sorry?” I had no idea what he was saying and I felt like I would wake up any minute now. I would wake up and in a few hours I would not remember anything.
The man was now even closer, dressed in dark blue. He was holding his arms to his side in a non-threatening manner.
“I am sorry too Gabriel, I should not tell you any more. Part of this is for you to experience for yourself.”
My right leg gave in and I was kneeling on the ground. I felt a pressure on my head as I was fighting to stay awake.
“We will meet again very soon Gabriel.” “We love you” – A woman’s voice sounded off as I closed my eyes.


I heard the heart monitor beeping in a rythm before I could find the strength to open my eyes again. I knew I was awake now that I had gained full feeling in my body.
"Gabriel?" Samantha was sitting on a chair next to my bed. As she got up I saw how concerned she was looking. I feel guilty beeing the guy that make her so sad. I had caused her to feel this way.
She had dark circles under her eyes and a slight puffiess as though she had been crying for days.
She might have, I thought as I smiled. I was so glad that I was able to see her again.
"Hey." I said. Even in my pained state I was so glad to see her.

She smiled half hartedly at me.
"Hey" she leaned over me and kissed my forehead. "how do you feel?"
"Oh thank the makers." she was standing over me now, regarding me with interest as to inspect my damaged face. I must look horrible If I look close to how I feel.

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