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by Niase
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An introspective look on life although I have come a long way since I last wrote this.
One sweet quiet moment my busy tired eyes drifted to the endless stacks of lipsticks and lip glosses, perfumes and high heels glittering jewellery on my dresser and suddenly it struck me as odd...is this what my life is all about? Pointless but costly foray into unsuccessful and unsatisfactory indulgences in fashion. The constant drivel and drive of destiny, poor luck and a blizzard of heartache and disappointment. I certainly don't hope so!

We all appear to be swept up by a whirlwind of activities that makes life roll on its own steady pace through time and space. But somewhere between all the Swiss chocolates, the perfect Levis, the two carat rock, the shimmering dreams, naive aspirations and let’s face it the dramatic failures and heart rending losses we don’t really know why we are doing it. We are dancing into disaster and devastation after another only to show a Saturday Night Fever like retro dance move for it. Yet at what point do some people lose the desire to live completely? When does the sizzle and fizz run out? Is there a purpose in something as bleak as killing oneself? There is a reason for everything. What reason is there in utter desolation and unhappiness where one loses all the spark and passion for life? What is the point in existing and then simply dying? Why go through a lifetime of everything imaginable just so it could end in cancer, aids, sudden accident or murder? Do we die at all or live on forever?

The religious among us will claim it’s a test between good versus evil essentially between God and the Devil. Does He exist? God always pops into the equation of life. Mind you we refer to both God and the Devil in masculine terms therefore I am open to all suggestions . The devil plays with our minds and throws us off course with temptation, manipulation, etc. Is it that straight forward then, the path to Hell and Heaven? You live a good decent honest life and you will be granted the eternal gateway to Heaven’s bliss? If you are a schmuck then your ticket to hell is a one way road with no return address. What makes us good and what defines a schmuck? Every culture and race seems to have a different definition. It makes you wonder what Hitler is doing right now; are millions of innocent Jewish souls busy digging their heels in his face. I wonder if perhaps all the atrocious murderers and serial killers of our society who are now either dead or senile are having the last laugh at society’s expense. Ted Bundy anyone? I mean this guy has more books and movies based on him than Mother Teresa.
The Spiritualists among us claim an endless cycle of karmic reincarnation into every possible living being until one reaches a particular Zen, a state of spiritual perfection if you may call it with the whole of Creation. That is an interesting spin on what life is all about in my opinion. I have an extensive profile engraved into my soul for my next rebirth; which includes 8 inches taller, 4 stones skinnier and million times richer among other things. *grin*
I am gullible enough to almost believe that Elvis is alive and kicking in some underground cult. Even better I think Aliens are watching us and will be taking over to make slaves out of all humans. So eager to understand what life is really all about that me and perhaps many people like me are ready to believe the seemingly impossible.

I don’t know what life is all about. I however do know that one minute it can leave you hanging by a thread and you are gasping for breath. The next minute you’re basking in its all mystifying glory. Despite everything we are still blissfully clueless and maybe just maybe that's how it's meant to be.

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