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Bffs show great friendship.
Chapter 1

Hi. My name is Emma and I live in Galana, California. I have really cool friends. Their names are Misy, Iszy, Liza, and Sami. When I was fifteen I had the best summer of my life. Well, maybe I should start at what led me to this wonderful summer.

One Year Earlier

Monday morning, I woke up first, so I got to start the morning text session. Here is our text session:
(Me) CrazyE: Wake up!
(Sami)Saminilla: Morn alredy
(Iszy) Iz Attack: Good Morn
(Liza)?Gurl: :)
(Misy) MisMis: Morn :(
CrazyE: Wat de :( 4
Saminilla: Ya
Iz Attack: Def
?Gurl: ? Wat I miss
?Gurl: O
?Gurl: wat they said
MisMis: idk
MisMis: sorry guys
Iz Attack: wat 4
MisMis: bring u down
?Gurl: u didn’t bring me down
CrazyE: wats de prob
MisMis: parents r fighting
Saminilla: ?again?
MisMis: Ya sounds serious
Iz Attack: I got good news
MisMis: wat :(
Iz Attack: get out of school on…
CrazyE: ahhhh tell us!!!!
Saminilla: Ya tell us
?Gurl: totally
Iz Attack: …May…
Iz Attack: …1…
MisMis: omg!
Iz Attack: …4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CrazyE: NO WAY
Iz Attack: YES WAY!!
Saminilla: Wait… that is…
Saminilla: OMG
Iz Attack: OMG
? Gurl: OMG
CrazyE: OMG
MisMis: OMG
CrazyE: time 4 outfits… dark green tank under faded denim half jack, faded denim mini skirt over lime green leggings, black flats
MisMis: ?
Iz Attack: Purple tank with pink polka dots over pink tee, purple pants, and pink high tops
Saminilla: Blue tank under Jermey Goldwin’s jersey, Galana High basketball shorts, blue Asics
CrazyE: He your…
Saminilla: …boyfriend. Yes!!!!!
?Gurl: Dang
?Gurl: red scarf, orange tee, red mini skirt, orange high heels
MisMis: black tee with school logo, jean shorts, and black flip flops
Saminilla: TTYL gonna miss bus
?Gurl: same here
Iz Attack: me2
MisMis: me333333333
CrazyE: c ya

After that, we got on the bus. School was great. Right after I got home I got an S.O.S text from Missy, apparently we all did.

I rushed over to her house. I was the last to get there. She wasn’t there. We got a text. It said:

MisMis: old clubhouse

We sprinted as fast as we could to the old clubhouse. We climbed the ladder really fast. We found her there, crying. I’ve never seen her cry so hard before. She was sobbing. I knew what was wrong. “ How bad was it.”

“It was miserable! I hate it! Can I live with one of you? They have been fighting all day! My parents are… My parents are… getting DIVORCED! There I said it!” Misy sobbed.

“Misy I’m so sorry!” Sami said.

“ It’s not your fault.”She said in between sobs.

We spent the whole night with her. The next night we stayed at Iszy’s house.
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